I have a simple event that moves the camera to a point in space over ten seconds. However, when the ten seconds has elapsed, my camera snaps back automatically to it's starting position, which is not desired. How do I get it to "stick" at the target location? Adding a wait step did not accomplish what I'm looking for.

  • If the event ends, it's most likely the camera controls kicking back in and repositioning the camera - to prevent this, you'd have to block the camera controls using a Block Camera Control node in the event.
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  • Let me ask this with some additional info:

    This step is in Character Creation. I could follow the easy path, and just ignore any camera moves, but camera moves are cool, and they should be well understood (and, obviously, I don't understand them well at this point!).

    Here's what I want to do:

    Start Camera at (0, -10, 0)
    Move Camera to (0, 10, 0) AND STAY THERE
    Start Character Creation Script, which has been tested, and works, and has no camera commands at all in it.

    I could just start with step 3, and accept that camera moves can't happen in this situation, but I'm almost positive it's just that I'm setting it up wrong.

    I've tried to change about a billion settings, but one of two things always happens:

    1 - the camera doesn't move at all, and stays at (0, -10, 0)
    2 - the camera moves up to the new position, but (BEFORE the event ends!) when it starts the Character Creation dialogue, the camera snaps back to (0, -10, 0).

    That camera has a real affinity for being underwater...

    Even mounting it to an empty game object, and moving the game object, the camera DOESN'T MOVE.

    There is no player yet defined at this point, so a lot of the examples go out the window.

    Any ideas?
  • How do you move the camera?
    Also, is there any camera control used at that point?

    Since you mentioned that the event ends and your custom script kicks in, I'd recommend blocking the camera control with a Block Camera Control node at the start of the event - in case it's an ORK camera control, it wont bother you again until you unblock it :)
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    EDIT: I now have a different problem. If I load the scene as the "New Game Scene" in the Main Menu settings, it works perfectly. If I load it from a "Load Scene" event, it breaks the camera (to be clear, the camera doesn't move at all).

    Take a look through my prematurely triumphant message below. Is there something that is happening when a scene is loaded by setting it as the "New Game Scene" that is NOT done when it's loaded through a "Load Scene" event?


    Because the camera isn't in the game proper yet, and I don't really have a player to focus on or around, I found that a lot of the examples didn't work for me. I did take to heart your Block Camera Control suggestion, and it worked a treat, at least insofar as I was able to rule OUT that ORK was doing something that was mucking me up.

    For the record, I put the camera in the scene where I wanted it to start. I added a Block Camera Control node at the beginning of my script, and added a six second delay to the event. In those six seconds, I moved the camera up out of the water using one DoTween movement animation, and then added a second one to make the camera yo-yo between two points (it's at sea, and this added a nice effect).

    Then my script fires off, and DoTween loop just keeps on bouncing it between those two points. At the end of my script, I neglected to Unblock the camera, so when I was showing this off to my wife, the starting area popped up and you could see the player waaaaaaaaaayy in the distance...

    (I've sorted that out, too.)

    Thanks for your help! I'm absolutely sure that there's a way to do this strictly using ORK events, but now it's working*, so... I guess I'm moving on with the actual game!


    *It is currently not working. :)
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  • UPDATE: There IS a difference! In the Load Screen Node, it has a block to set where the player group is spawned. Since I don't HAVE a player group yet, this throws an error, and the camera movement never fires. The New Game Scene logic doesn't have this, because it knows you don't have a player yet.

    So I can sacrifice my opening cinematic or... what, assign an invisible prefab to the player group, then remove it after Character Creation? Is this possible?

  • I got it! And only using ORK commands!

    I created a second, unrelated event just to handle the camera, and that runs completely separately from my main character creation script.

    Thanks as always for your support!

  • If you don't have a player (or don't want to spawn one), set the Spawn ID to -1 in load scene nodes or scene changers.

    Also, if you want to prevent ORK from adding a camera control component to the camera, add a No Camera Control component to it :)
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  • Very cool tips! Thanks!
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