I have a Character Creation Screen, made with Unity's new UI and it's working fine and returning the Various Status Values and Abilities perfectly.

Unfortunately, I have no Idea how to assign stats I received via the Character Creation Script as the Status Values. I have created the status values in the ORK Framework Editor.
How can I access the "Initial Value" field in the status development via Script? If that's where the immutable status values go.
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    First of all, you'll need the Combatant class of your combatant's instance. If you already have your combatant spawned in the scene, you can get it from the spawned game object of the combatant.
    Or you can create a new combatant via script.

    Once you've got your combatant instance, you can initialize a status value like this:

    The index is the ID/index of the status value in the editor. The value is the value you want to initialize it to.
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