Just wanted to say this is a really sweet asset that I tried with the new ORK integration for Patreon users. Adding it to ORK was probably one of the fastest assets I've added yet with little setup.

It adds a really nice element of exploration and discovery feedback a la Skyrim's style of waypoint markers. I'm tying in some Cinemachine events too with it and it adds more depth to my game.

Definitely a bonus for supporting ORK through Patreon!
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    I checked this plugin due to the integration, could you elaborate to what is the added features in comparison of Navigation HUD of ORK?
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  • It adds mostly visual feedback elements like animated text feedback, POI icon changes, audio cues and adjustment of fine details.

    I'm re-skinning it and making new POI icons as well as changing the fonts, so excuse this default look. I'll probably decrease the width among other things.

    Here's a couple of screencaps of the asset's components:

    Main controller object:


    And a POI in my game:


    And here's a shot of entering the POI range as the POI text appears and music plays. Prior to this I trigger a Timeline event and do a Cinemachine cutscene that pans and zooms down onto the crystal. When a POI is directly in the center of the bar it will show the range as well as Above/Below.

  • wow, thank you for the analysis, I might check it out seems a convenient way to handle POIs.
    Your game's style looks very good btw.
  • Thanks! I've changed the style so many times now I can hardly keep track but I think this is the last one I'm sticking with.
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