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Hi GiL,

we would like to use PlayerPrefs and store them on a server we have. I was thinking if I could use the www call and www store text nodes in Makinom.

Can I save the playerprefs under a variable e.g. "SaveData" and then use Store WWW Text node to save them into our URL?
And then, can I use WWW call node and store it back from the URL into the Makinom?

Looking for a way, I just need to store my playerprefs on URL and then load them back...like a Cloud Save...

Can you make us a node to do this? In that case, that would save a ton of work with 3rd party stuff, or bugged Google Play Services to make this simple thing work.
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  • When new game starts, every player needs to enter his Nickname variable. That's how we define the "account" name.

    But I guess, the playerprefs would have to save into a variable, that is under this Nickname variable, because otherwise, Makinom wouldn't know, how to load exact save game to exact user.

    Maybe it's too complicated, It's just an idea. This would actually put Makinom into a new level of horizon, as you would break all the chains between Google and Apple.
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    That should already be possible using the WWW nodes.

    Since the URL can already be a string variable, you'd just have to build the URL including the values you want to pass on. The Change Variables node can use different operators to construct a string using different values (e.g. using Append Back to add values at the end of a text).

    String values can directly use a PlayerPrefs value, so all you'd need to do is store it back into a PlayerPrefs using a Set String PlayerPrefs node when you need to store the nickname back into it.
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    Definitely great news and nice tips from you. I'm just trying to decipher your words into more simplier language, that I can understand :)

    So, first of all, all my auto save games are done in ORK. So I'm not sure if using PlayerPrefs value in Makinom would work that way. Will I have to change all the save games from ORK into Makinom to use that feature?

    Can you please setup a basic event with any values you want, so that I will understand, how it exactly works between the WWW nodes and adding the Append Back when storing the nickname variable into it?

    I don't really want to bother you every day with trying to understand your way of thinking, like with the Daily Quests reset :D

    The Nickname string variable is also ORK variable. I guess it will have to be called in Makinom at the beginning too.
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  • If you're storing stuff into PlayerPrefs, Makinom has also access to it, so there shouldn't be a need to transfer variables between ORK and Makinom.

    I'll try to explain it here without setting up a schematic, as it's pretty simple really. Here's how you'd create the URL to call in Makinom using a Change Variables node.
    Let's assume you you want to call this URL: http://yoururl.com/call.php?nickname=Name

    Add a variable change:
    - variable key: url
    - variable origin: local
    - type: string
    - string value (value/value type): http://yoururl.com/call.php?nickname=
    - operator: set

    Copy that variable change and change the following:
    - string value: select Variable > PlayerPrefs to use a PlayerPrefs for the nickname
    - string value (variable/playerprefs): Nickname (i.e. the key of the PlayerPrefs)
    - operator: append back

    This will creat the URL you'll call with the nickname that's stored in the playerprefs (or whatever other value there is).

    Afterwards, you'll just use a WWW Call node using the url variable.

    The whole schematic will be called by your ORK game event that does the auto saving using the connection plugin. In case you want to pass along the ORK save game stored in a PlayerPrefs, you'll have to call the schematic after the auto save node.
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  • Ok, by checking your words, I think you expect from us to have some special PHP script on the server, that automatically checks the playerprefs incoming there and it stores them.

    But we were using ftp server with username and password to put some data there.

    Nothing was saved of course there, because we are missing something more. When I said that we have server that we want playerprefs to store on, I meant that we only have the server, not fully set up specially for this ocassion :)

  • Well, yeah - regardless of where you want to store it (ftp or calling a php script, or using an existing service), there needs to be something there that can handle the incoming data :)
    That's nothing ORK or Makinom can do for you ...

    I'm not sure if Unity's WWW calls can even handle ftp, but if they can, constructing the URL works the same way (if parts are coming from variables or PlayerPrefs).
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