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I'm building a 2D Multiplayer RPG and found ORK to be quite rich in terms of features and as a solid foundation for any RPG game.

However i want to use custom UI (instead of using ORK's own editor to create UI) as well as specialised plugins such as Dialog System for Dialogs, Quest Machine for Quests, Inventory Pro for managing inventories, I2 for localisation and list goes on.

Nicholas mentioned in unity forum that something like above is achievable without tight coupling with ORK.

So im here for the advise and directions i should take to achieve this. I hope this thread will also help any new users who want to take the same approach like me.

So my first question is, first thing i want to build is a custom scene where user will b able to select an already shipped character to start game or able to create more character profiles.
now interesting thing is that each profile is like a new play-through so the same game could be played by 2 family memebrs with their own character, own stats, own save load.

So can you please give an high level overview of achieving this?


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    I don't think ORK is compatible with Multiplayer. That would take some (probably significant) work on your part.

    Dialogue System is very easy to integrate, it's Author includes ORK intergation support. Quest Machine now has ORK integration as well.

    Inventory PRO not so much, unless you need the advanced feature of Inv Pro like some items taking several grid squares like in Deus Ex games, it will be easier to write Inventory yourself and tie ORK items into it.

    L2 localization, not sure I have never used it. You'd have to either store descriptions outside ORK or write your own ORK texts import/exporter.

    Custom UI is certainly doable, I just recently made my own grid Inventory, Equipment, Level Up, Turn Order and various stuff like that and I didn't have to make all that many changes to source code. Just a few delegate callbacks here and there.

    About player character, that should be relatively easy. ORK character is called Combatant, each Combatant belongs to a Combatant Group. Each Group has a leader combatant.
    ORK has an Active Combatant Group, that represents player group, and you can add any combatants to it and set any of them as leader/player.

    So to have Pre-Made characters and Custom character what you need to do is, add a new Combatant Type in ORK (Combatants->Combatant Type), called something like PreMadeCharacters, now create new combatants (Combatants->Combatans), set their group as PreMadeCharacters, and modify their stats and equipment like you want.

    Then in your custom Menu, you can get a list of combatants by their type. You can grab PreMadeCharacters type and make a selection of pre-made characters out of them.

    If player selects one of them, you just set that combatant as part of ActivePlayerGroup and a player.

    For custom character, you can create new a new Combatant instance and create UI that modifies stats for that character. Then make it part of ActivePlayerGroup and a player.

    To get started it would be good idea to Unzip OrkSource from ORK Framework folder in your project to a new folder outside the project folder and look at source code. You can even make changes and build ORK dll's. Look at http://orkframework.com/tutorial/howto/setting-up-project-references/

    These how to pages will also be useful:

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  • @hellwalker thank you very much for your detailed response

    Absence of Multiplayer is unfortunate, i'll create separate thread when it comes to multiplayer for further discussion.

    Its a good thing that there is default support for both dialog system and quest machine. And i can happily integrate I2 Localisation and Inventory Pro myself as long as ORK let me do that via scripting or delegates without actually changing the source code.
    As you clearly experience so'd it be an an easy or bumpy journey for a new user?

    As i have both races and classes, for classes ORK has a tab but what about races? do i define races as combatant types or something else?

    As for user profiles, sorry i wasnt able to explain it well earlier due to lack of my vocabulary, let e try again.
    I went through the game tutorials on ORK site and it seemed that only one real user can play the game, and if in middle of that his sibling whats to play and start a new game, old game will b overrwiten. What i want is siblings can have their own game profiles with their own characters their own save games etc.
    So one sibling play same game installed on same computer in morning and has his own stuff in it, while other plays in evenining with his own save games, level info, quests etc

    Is this currently possible with ORK?

  • You will probably need to edit source code a bit. But only a few delegates. The ORK Author gamingislove also takes commissions on features.

    Well race depends on what you need to do with that race. If you need it to track appearance, ORK does not handle that, you'll have to assign prefab to each combatant. If you need some bonuses or stat changes associated with race there are bunch of ways you can do that. Look at Status options in ORK Editor

    I don't remember if ORK supports player profiles natively. But That is real easy to do with custom UI. You just create profiles yourself and associated ORK Saves with specific profiles, so only those saves show up for that profile.

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