• I just messed around with ORK and found another thing that could be a really helpful feature. Is it possible to have an Is Sub Type bool for Status Effect Types just like the ones for Status Types?

    If I have a bunch of different poison effects listed in the Status Effects tab, let's say; then I'd like to have an item that cures all poisons. I'd also like to have an item that cures all negative status effects, including poisons. So if Poison was a subtype of the Negative status effect type, I could make two separate healing items: the one that heals only Poisons, and the one that heals all Negative status effects, including poisons.

    Does that make sense?
  • @dragoonleaph
    ORK 2.19.0 got rid of the experience status development limitation and now also allows using formulas :)
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    Thank you so much! I just downloaded that version and updated my project. I made the formula, but I don't see where to use it in the Status Value tab. I'll look around the editor, but in case I don't find it, how do I utilize the formula?

    You've made my life so much easier. Thanks again!

    Edit: Found it in the Status Development tab... of course...
    I don't know how I missed that, probably because I've been up and working for 16 hours. Time for bed. Yay ORK! Yay GiL!
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    It would be cool to have some sort of mechanism to setup AI in Utility AI style.
    I think this would make setting Up complex and interesting AI's much simpler.

    Basically what Utility AI approach comes down to is that, each AI behavior evaluates it's priority and returns that priority as float value. The AI Selector chooses which AI to run based on that priority (Highest, Weighted Random). The cool thing about this is it avoids the need for Complex IF style statements that check which AI behavior to run.

    For example if we have "Should I heal Myself" and "Should I attack" AI and dozens more like that, each can evaluate it's priority and report it, AI selector will select highest priority. So there is no need for giant branching behavior. If health is below 30% and there is enemy within attack range, heal gets high priority, if there is one enemy within range and AI can kill him in one hit that gets high priority.

    One easy way I think this could be done is:
    1)You could add new AI Type - "AI Priority", with same nodes Check Nodes as Battle AI, except it had to return float priority. Kind of like Formula but with AI nodes.
    2)In Battle AI there would be two new nodes "Utility AI Selector" and "Utility AI Priority".
    Utility AI Priority would just link to New AI priority from new AI type discussed above. Similar to how Battle AI node just links to other Battle AI's.
    Utility AI Selector would have slots to attach Utility AI Priority nodes, it would query Priority nodes and select the one with High priority. (or Weighted Random). Then any AI attached to selected Utility AI Priority nodes would run.
    An example:

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  • I think I've mentioned before in some of my threads, but there is a need of a simple X (close) button on the top right for every menu screen, I tried to do manually but it messes around with the rest of the buttons and didn't succeed. :)
  • Unity is finally releasing its own visual scripting in 2019.2.
    Do you/ will you have any plan on incorporating it with Ork and Makinom somehow? Would make ork/makinom unimaginable :D
  • @hellwalker
    I think such a system is already possible to set up with the current battle AI. Setting up a battle AI that just sets a variable instead of using an action can be used as an utility AI. Afterwards you just have to check variables :)

    Really? I haven't heard of this yet, was pretty busy and didn't pay any attention to the latest Unity news :)
    Generally, yes - I'd love to somehow incorporate/support it. In the end it all comes down to how Unity implements it in regards to compatibility ... as in the past, they somehow managed to add great systems with suboptimal scripting compatibility, e.g. Mecanim still having no way to tell you an animation's duration.
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  • Well, 2019.2 is the preview release. Official release will be 2019.3.
    I am very looking forward to what you will do with it! Hopefully it has more compatibility than mecanim. :)
    Since Unity says it will also be easy to create custom packages of nodes for the visual scripting, maybe you can also create some custom ork/makinom nodes for the visual scripting to bridge the gap between them and sell it as new package or something.
  • @gamingislove ah cool, hmm I'll try that. But do you mean object variables? Thats the only variable change node I found or is there a way to edit global vars?
  • @hellwalker
    No, currently it can only change object variables ... I should probably add more options here :)
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  • Could you alter the 'Change Game Variables' and 'Check Game Variable' nodes to let us to select an origin for the game variable used to set/check the value? 'Change Game Variables' would then become essentially a 'Variable to Variable' node, and 'Check Game Variables' would allow us to directly compare variable values which, would be useful for any number of purposes.
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    Heya GiL;

    Do you think you could tweak Area Notifications for Non-Queued Area Notifications?

    Running into this problem, as seen in this video:


    Basically, when you swap scenes quickly, there's still a small period of seeing the old notification (Lowtown) in the new area (Sunken Monument). We can sort of work around it by making the notification/fade out last a shorter amount of time, but that's not a good solution either since we want them to linger.

    Can we make it so that when the new scene is loaded, any currently existing area notifications are *immediately* gotten rid of first (no fade out, just instantly disappears).
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  • @Kirb
    Will add an option for that in the next update :)
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  • Please create an event node (or give us some method) for updating/recalculating formula linked item variables, so that changes made to an item variable will update all of the dependent variables.


    -A variable (Wpn_Nicks_Medium) is added to an equipped weapon through an event

    -A related variable (Wpn_Edge_Condition) that references "Wpn_Nicks_Medium" in its formula chain is forced to recalculate and update its value.
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    @gamingislove , all,

    Have old deprecated version of this Asset and looking at maybe buying new one for the year of updates.

    However, been out of touch with the Ork community for a while and rather lost track of updates and new additions to the Asset.

    Does ORK now support one or more of the following:-

    1) Item socketing and sockettable items;
    2) Item affixes (inc prefixes and suffixes) aka Diablo, Path of Exile, Dungeon Siege etc etc
    3) Multi-Class; and/or
    4) Races and Sub Races in addition to Class / Multi-Class etc?
    5) Also, where does new ORK stand with integrations with Dialogue System, Behaviour Designer, Love/Hate and with any 'new' Assets like Quest Machine or maybe Emerald AI etc?
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