Hello GIL!
I am making a status screen right now.
This is useful for your tutorial.
In the status screen I want to create a prefab of battle members and line up in a row.
What I am in trouble.

I know that I will produce players.
I want to know how to create a battle member in a spawn point in the menu screen (status, equipment, member list).
After choosing a character with HUD, I want to create a character at the spawn point.

Please give me advice.
Thank you!
  • If you only have your player spawned in the field, you can spawn the rest of the battle group members using a Spawn Group Members node. To place them at other locations, set them up as event actors using the Member actor type (note that Member Index 0 is the leader, i.e. usually the player) and use Change Position nodes to place the individual actors where you want them.
    E.g. using this in a menu screen, you can set up a game event that does this and use it as open event for that menu.

    If you just want to display their models somewhere, you can also use the Prefab View Portrait feature to display a prefab as a portrait.
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  • I am making a battle member selection screen.
    I would like to create a prefab with the name of hud
    In this case, Prefab View portrait seems to be good.
    Prefab View What kind of event should I create to create all members at the portrait?
  • Prefab view portraits are, well, portraits that can be displayed in dialogues, menus or HUDs. It uses a camera, render textures and spawning the combatant's prefab somewhere way off screen to display them as images in your UI.

    The base settings for prefab view portraits are made in Menus > Menu Settings, the Prefab View settings can be found at the bottom.
    To set up a prefab view portrait for a combatant, add a portrait in its settings and enable Use Prefab View in it. Make sure to e.g. have all prefab view portraits in their own portrait type :)
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