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Hello! Posting some of my progress on my Ork Framework project! In the style of devil may cry, dark souls, and metroid.
Started about 10 days ago and ORK has been a dream to work with.

I'll be occasionally popping on these forums post updates and once the project is done I plan on breaking down how every aspect works.

I'm a 3d artist and writer with over a decade of experience, in all those years I've worked on around 7 projects with different teams and none of them worked out. Can't say how happy I am to have a program where I can bring my ideas to life.



I'm hoping this game will be the first in a series of character driven narratives.
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  • Getting the combat down, not sure how to solve alot of the little animation issues..

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    Got my prototype level down.

    Edit : Demo upcoming, just to test out the basics of combat. Check it out on Jan 1st.

    To Do List :
    2018 December :
    1. Add in Fay + movement
    2. Camera
    3. Combo/Attack
    4. Test enemy that attacks
    5. Dodging

    6. Gun aiming
    7. Test level
    8. Grappling hook
    9. Shock Claw
    10. Jet-Jump
    11. Add in NU
    12. Create melee opponent
    13. Create ranged opponent

    14. Create flying opponent
    15. Test level build for all abilities

    2019 January/February
    16. Design/Create all enemies

    17. Test cutscene
    18. Design world
    19. Proto-world, Fully explorable

    20. Design/Create bosses

    21. Pre-Alpha testing
    22. Create world assets

    23. Create cutscenes
    24. Beta testing

    2020 January
    25. Release
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  • Just have to test flying enemies before the demo release!
  • Nice, looks good so far. You managed this just 10 days into ORK? I'm impressed. Keep us posted with updates!
  • Thanks!
    Other than the time spent learning it in tutorials and such. As soon as I understood the realtime combat I knew I had to throw together a prototype :)
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    Here it is! The first prototype! Includes 3 enemy types and a small area to fight them in!
    Although it supports gamepad it hasn't been my focus and it probably isn't fully working.
    I HIGHLY recommend playing on windowed mode in case of a soft lock.


    WASD : movement
    Space : Jump
    Control : Dodge
    Shift : Sprint
    F : Interact (might be needed for menu stuff atm)
    Click : Accept/Attack
    Right Click : Gun
    Escape : Menu/Map/Log
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    Told myself to take about a week break after each stage of development to unwind and prevent from burning out!

    It was supposed to end tomorrow but I got impatient and started on Stage 2, enemies!

    The quadribot. A constant reminder of military presence. These remote controlled drones patrol the streets and fire at anyone who doesn't vacate the area. A mid-game enemy that always proves troublesome to destroy.

    The UAT4.x, an indestructible enemy to harass you in the late-game. A show of force by the N.A.P.F, these tanks are compact, remote controlled, and manueverable, capable navigating city streets.
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    It looks great! If you don't mind me asking, how did you set up the player camera? I'm trying to get that exact view and functionality, but I'm having trouble. :(
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    The camera is set to first person with a -z offset and is set to an empty child that's in front and to the right of her head.

    In character controls I think you have to set it to camera direction and also first person. So A and D do sidestrafing.

    I might be missing something so let me know if that doesn't work.
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    Okay, after a couple days of headaches where the game would crash and his animations wouldn't play I finally caved and decided to just restart. Redoing the models export (it did have a few issues coming over from blender), redoing the animations, and the prefab.

    Apparently the battle AI was causing hard locks of unity, though im not sure why yet. I disabled it and its fine.

    Although I have a lot to (re)do, I present the Archangel mech!

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    Well it took nearly twice as long as intended, but I got it!

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    Worried about combat feeling sloppy. I have a new character controller to test out after enemies are done and I definitely want to convert my main character to Mechanim. But im also considering switching either to psuedo-turn based or an isometric camera angle (to hide some technical animation flaws like no IKs and stuff) either way I'm going to keep moving on with enemies and revisit gameplay later.
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    Spent the last 2ish months doing enemy assets! Time to move on to world design today.
    Didn't get all of them done... Basically wound up with 1 of each type. Brawler, Gunner, chemist, elite Gunner, axer, and runner (pistol/knife)





    And here's a concept art I got done displaying Fay and the Nurocrysvirus which causes black crystalline growths either within or outside the skin. At the time of the game 80% of all human life has been wiped out from internal nurocrysvirus.

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