I have the dungeon architect asset, I tried creating a event that calls the Build function on the object and I get "non static method requires an object" which I believe is because its calling the script and not the instance of the object.

Whats the right way to make this event? There's a dungeon object in the scene, and I can generate it from the button.
  • Do you have a link to an API or can post some information on the function you want to call?

    Also, please post details the settings you use to call the function (using a Call Function node).
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    I tried a couple different settings on the (Call Function Node). I had the is static checked .. that was probably causing the non static method error.

    This is what I have now:

    Enabled: Checked

    Override Node Name: unhecked.

    Component name: Dungeon

    Is static: was checked, but now it's unchecked.

    Target Object

    Object: Found objects.
    Value Type: Value

    Child object: none

    Time between: 0

    Wait between: unchecked

    Function Name: Build

    I guess I don't know how to setup the Call function node ;)

    Edit: So I can generate the level from a script on a game object.. if that's ok, I can just add the ORK spawn location to the beginning of the level and have the player spawn there.

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  • Yeah! It's working like it's supposed to now. So for Dungeon Architect, if anyone needs to know how to do it.

    There's a script called "SpecialroomFinder" Just duplicate the CreateLevelGoalAt function and make it SpawnLevelGoal. Call this function at SetStartingCell. Make a prefab of the ORK spawn location script and use it like the CreateLevelGoal script. You'll then have two prefabs to put into the SpecialroomFinder. ORK will find this when it starts up and will put your player at the nearest room!

  • I guess ORK didn't have the game object with the component on it. Since you used Found Objects for it, you'd have to make sure the object was actually added to it.
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