I didn't realize this before because I was using very low poly monsters with limited attacks but I've substituted some more complicated monsters and they don't play their attack animations in battle.

I have an Attack battle animation that should play their Attack animation but can't seem to get it to work. They play their idle animation. Death battle animation for the monsters is fine.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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  • Well, is the setup of the animations correct (in Unity and ORK)?
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    My big problem is the one you're checking on----with no attack possible when you face two monsters until you go into your side menu and then close it, the attack kicks in. Still puzzled by that. And that's more important to me than this problem. And that's because am using the buttons to fight--not an inherent ORK problem when you use the menus normally.

    But this is still a little problem. I have the animations set up correctly in Unity and ORK and an attack battle animation that the monsters use for attack in the attack, defend, die choice area.
    This works for some monsters but not for all of them.

    Wondering if am doing something wrong in the Attack Animation. And whether if a monster uses a special skill if that skill should call it's attack animation.

    Thanks for all your help. This is just a little thing. The monsters look all right without the attack animation and they damage you but not sure what I'm doing wrong and why it works for some but not others. : ) Oh, the sleepless nights, the gray cat fur. : ) I'm sure you know what it's like to fall asleep over your computer sometimes trying to work things out. : ) It's the fun part. : )
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  • Will look into your problems today :)

    Regarding the animations - if it's not working for some, it's probably the animation being named wrong or something like this ... as long as the animation is set up correctly (i.e. the name in ORK matches the name of the object's animation) and played in the battle animation, it should be working.
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  • When you say "played in the battle animation" do you mean that I have to play that animation in the monster's battle animation? I've just been playing it in the Attack Animation--in the editor Project Settings for the enemy where it has the list of animations to play - I have Attack, Defend, Die etc. And I have an Attack Animation set up to play the enemy's default attack animation---so each enemy is set up that way and some play it and some don't.

    The graphic artist uses really long names like Arg_ork_backward_Attack_01

    Would that matter?

    Thanks a lot.
  • If you want an animation to be played in an attack/skill, you'll need to use the Play Animation step in the battle animation. This can either use a default animation like the ATTACK animation defined by the character/enemy, or by specifying an animation (name) in the step.

    Long animation names shouldn't matter ... as long as the names match.
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    I was using a default animation in the Play Animation step in the battle animation but that didn't seem to work -- although it works fine for 99 % of my monsters -- solved this for this particular wayward monster by playing the monster's attack animation as its idle animation. It works very well now. : ) I think this is a problem with the way the artist set up the monster's animations--can't think what else would cause the problem.

    But thanks for the explanation of how to use the Battle animations. It refreshes my knowledge and that's a good thing.

    Thanks again for this wonderful engine. It continues to amaze me how much I can do with it that I want to do, with your help here and then. : ) Thanks for your patient help.

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