I have 3rd party asset for Settings menu. I want it to open when I'm playing game. It works, the UI of this Settings are working and showing, but I Can't change any settings, because I Can't click on anything, any buttons etc. I'm changing Settings Canvas layer from UI to Default etc. but nothing works. How Can I force ORK to let player use this UI ? I'm using legacy GUI for ORK UI. Is legacy GUI in ORK is in conflict with new UI?

Please for help and thanks
  • Usually there's no conflict between legacy GUI and new UI - since you're spawning your prefab/canvas, do you also spawn an event system with it?

    The new UI needs an event system to recognize inputs. E.g. when you create a canvas in the scene view (via the context menu), it'll automatically create an event system as well.
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  • Oh, thank you !
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