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Looks like I am trouble

Here is my first PUBLIC pic of this game that I've been working on. Legendary Journeys (working title. Not sure if I like it, yet).

This is destined for the PC and maybe Linux. I can't do MAC; because, I don't have one to do the compile on :)

At any rate, this game is in the same play style as the Might and Magic series (in particular 6). This project orginally started as a single player Everquest with a story :). (I still may visit that idea)

Once I found ORK, I liked the idea of doing a party-based first person blobber like MM6 a little better. So, that is what I have been working on since August. You create a party of 4 and venture into the world of Brecara.

I'm still working on the story details. I have the prologue and roughly Chapter 1 worked out. So, I started working on the maps for the game. The screenshot above is from Druinport. (Those skeletons are there for testing purposes only :) )
The boat in the distance is moving along the ocean. Right now, just working on populating Druinport, Nerah's Landing, Druin Hills, and some goblin mines.
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