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  • That's very strange. Can you send me such a project where it's missing?
  • If it is, than there's your solution :D I've never really worked with blend shapes ... So, use a Call Function node: - Component Name: SkinnedMeshRenderer - Function Name: SetBlendShapeWeight - add an Int parameter, setting the value to whatever bl…
  • 1) Use the weapon/armor Equipment Abilites for this. Equipping allows using the set up abilities and you can optionally learn them, e.g. through gaining AP (experience status value) in battle. Learning one after another can be done through the equip…
  • Well, not really, that's just a function to change a blend shape's weight - which you can do using a Call Function node.
  • @joeee19 Make sure you download and update to ORK 2.16.0 using Unity 2018 - the ParticleEmitter has been removed in Unity 2018 and is only in ORK 2.16.0 versions for Unity 5.6 and 2017.
  • Can you give me a link to Unity's scripting API where the access to the blend shape is available? I looked for it (also tried in code) and didn't find any way to change the blend shape.
  • Generally, adding stuff to the data on the fly is no problem, however this will not be saved anywhere (e.g. in a save game). You can add new data like this (e.g. for an item): int id = ORK.Items.Add(); Item item = ORK.Items.Get(id);
  • @Kirb I haven't really checked that yet, but theoretically there shouldn't be any changes needed. @UserName Hm, strange. Which Unity version are you using?
  • I can add battle AI nodes to directly change the move AI mode instead of going through abilities for that to make this easier. For the time being, using an ability to do that is the way to go. An alternative would be using AI behaviours/rulesets (i.…
  • As long as you have a C# script with functions that ORK can call, you're able to fire them through the function nodes. The script would either have to be a component attached to a game object or provide static functions to call.
  • Mecanim is somewhat tricky, as you never have full control over the animation system and potential overrides from what you tell ORK to do through the animation controller's transitions (or missing transitions :D).
  • Depends on what you want to access ... e.g. in your example, there is a difference between just accessing the settings of combatants with ID 3 or an actual instance of that combatant. For getting access to settings, you'd use code like this: Combat…
  • Spawning a combatant using an actor's position doesn't make the combatant that actor, i.e. blocking actor 0's battle AI will not block the newly spawned combatant's AI. Also, you try to change the camera using the camera itself as target object, wh…
  • I have no idea ... it's there in my versions. Which Unity version are you using? As long as you have at least Unity 5.6 and ORK 2.14.3 you should see the Unity Wrapper settings in Game > Game Settings right at the bottom.
  • Weapons are checked in order of the equipment parts, i.e. if weapon A is equipped on part with ID 1 and weapon B is equipped on part with ID 2, weapon A will take priority due to being found first.
  • The interaction controller is only needed for the player to interact with others (and usually added automatically when set up that way). Other combatants don't use an interaction controller. Generally, if no fight starts with your spawned enemy com…
  • There's a Leave Battle node that should do the trick, but it's currently not available in battle start events ... I can add it for them in the next update. In the meantime, you could set up a global event (which uses a game event) to do this and cal…
  • @braytendo ORK 2.16.0 has just been released, adding Unity 2018 support :)
  • It might be some HUD that's shown when the player control is blocked. Check your HUDs' display conditions.
  • Yes, there is a bunch of range settings in Battle System > Battle Settings available to e.g. block AI or move AI when the enemies have a certain distance to the player. Some ranges can also be defined per battle system type. Something that also …