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  • I'm currently writing a more in-depth how-to on the move AI (including POIs), will probably be available tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a short how-to: Add a Point Of Interest component to a game object in your scene - that already makes it a de…
  • ORK 2.29.1 is now available, fixing the issue with teleport battles.
  • Yes, there's currently an issue with teleport battles in ORK 2.29.0 - will be fixed ASAP, an update should be (hopefully) available later today! Sorry for the inconvenience :) Edit: ORK 2.29.1 with the fix is now available.
  • The Leave Arena Settings (available for each individual battle system, i.e. for real time in Battle System > Real Tim Battles) handle that. In ORK 2.29.0 you can set it up for player and non-player combatants separately, in previous version it wa…
  • Hm, add some Debug nodes to your battle event to print to the Unity console to see if the event is used (and if you have some conditional nodes, where it goes).
  • Hm, check the used color, maybe you've set it to have alpha 0, making it fully transparent. Otherwise, check the HUD element's settings that displays the value bar.
  • Well, the menu screen's call key will do that for you - but as said, if the screen was opened via a button list button, it'll create a chain and returns to the previous menu. You can work around that by using the close key settings and enabling Don…
  • Do you get any error in the Unity console when using it? Definitely working here - are you sure the equipment isn't unequipped or are you just not getting the notifications? The SimpleChanged event handler is only fired once per frame (i.e. reactin…
  • Yes, there's an issue with teleport battles - will be fixed ASAP, update should be available later today!
  • No, just 1 equipment viewer for the bow, but using the child linking in it to connect parts of your equipment to the combatant - like you'd have parts of a jacket linked to left/right arm bones.
  • I think this should be handled by your combatant's animations - you can use the equipment viewer to link parts of the equipment to parts of the combatant, e.g. having a bow-string bone on your combatants (for animations) linked to your equipment's b…
  • Hm, yeah, not that specific error happening here, but something similar - should be fixed in the next release.
  • 2) Use a Store Grid Cells node to get the node in front of the combatant using a Mask shape type in local space. Now that you've got the cell, you can move to it like you would with the regular grid move events. Since it's just one cell, you don't n…
  • That's because calling a menu via a Button List part will create a menu chain, so that closing the called menu will return to the previous menu. You know, like in classic RPG menu systems, where you browse through the menus :)
  • No, you'd have to manage that yourself by using separate GUI layers for your GUI boxes used by HUDs, menu screens, dialogues, etc. Generally, if there's a GUI box you don't know where it's coming from, it's usually from a HUD :)
  • Currently not - there was a planned project for that a few years ago, but that never moved any further.
  • It's a HUD - ORK 2.28.0 added the Game Running game state, which defaults to Yes (i.e. only displaying the HUD when an actual game started via new game or load game). You've set it to Ignore, so the HUD is displayed even in the main menu, potentiall…
  • Could you send me the project? I'd just need the main menu scene, ORK project asset and used UI assets to test this, so stripping it down to that should be simple :)
  • Hm, tried to achieve having the main menu appear twice, but it's not really possible, as the 2nd call would just reopen it. If you change the GUI box and that's not used when starting the game, it sounds like your game start is using the wrong ORK …
  • Having Call Main Menu enabled in your game starter AND Auto Call enabled in Menus > Main Menu will call the main menu twice. Only use one of them (I recommend using the one in the ORK editor, to have the main menu called when returning to it in-g…