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  • I think that really help. Intitally some frame I was getting 10-20 now I'm getting 20-40 FPS, its not great but that could be my computer. Thank you
    in New Game Comment by Coolstory 4:43PM
  • Thank you for the response, I'll look into this right now. Thanks everyone looking forward to see great games from this system.
    in New Game Comment by Coolstory 3:47PM
  • Hello everyone, Here is a new higher quality video: I tried optimization this morning, its a bit better but there was still FPS issue when combat animation are playing. Not sure if its just my computer or some thing else. Any tip is appreciated.…
    in New Game Comment by Coolstory January 15
  • Thank you so much for playing the game and your input. I have to look more into getting the framerate issue down, that is a great tip especially now when its early on. I'll work on getting the death prefab set up soon that is also a great tip, I did…
    in New Game Comment by Coolstory January 15
  • Hello everyone, I have a new video for the game. My computer ran the video recording software poorly so everything is a bit grainy and slow. I'm working on a new version now but this is the very first version. Here is the link to download and pl…
    in New Game Comment by Coolstory January 14
  • If you need another person for anything let me know. Your project look great.
  • Thank you for testing out my game.
    in New Game Comment by Coolstory January 14
  • I really like the art and the dialogue. The UI look great as well. If you need any second input or anything let me know. Cool looking game
  • This look great, I tried to download the google drive to play the game but got an error. If you need anyone testing it let me know.

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