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  • So this time I managed to do something that not only stopped the game test, but crashed Unity entirely. And that was using the following text in a game menu window: #currency.icon0 #currency.inventory0 #currency.name0 Location: #area.current Game T…
  • I have stumbled upon a possible bug. Under Shop Layouts, when you turn on the Show Title option on List Box, the game freezes upon opening that list box, and I get this error in the console: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an ins…
  • Another query: I see that you can separate interaction HUDs by type of interaction, but is it possible to change the interact text arbitrarily? For example, an event interaction with an NPC labelled "Talk" but an event interaction for opening a do…
  • Your image isn't working for me :( But yeah, I'm also interested in accomplishing this goal.
  • I guess all we can really do is upvote the comments that say it doesn't work. I also gave it a few tags - broken, not supported, not up to date
  • Here's some shots of the issue. Now I could potentially change the Material of the character to some generic "fade away" mat or something, but I don't know how. This would also be helpful for a petrify effect, change the material to a stone t…
  • I've been trying to debug the fading issue and I believe it's because my shaders aren't supporting transparency. The only problem is, using Fade or Transparent rendering modes makes the cyclops rendering glitch out, so that you see the overlapping p…
  • Alright, this is curious. I added a second enemy to the party. The second one DOES play his death animation when he is the first to die, but he doesn't fade out, just disappears. I played with the fade function and I can get it to change colours, bu…
  • Regarding the cyclops death animation, there is one quick and dirty way I've managed to do it. Since the death event is just not triggering at all, I added an enemy group death animation to the battle end event. However, this will only work when the…
  • Hmm, I encountered something when following the tutorial for setting up battle animations. The Escape event may need a final "calculate" step to actually function. At least that seems to be what happened for me.
  • I guess following on from the post about blendshapes, it would be great to have an ORK or Makinom action to animate blendshape weights. Being able to set certain configurations of blendshapes and storing them as facial expressions would be fabulous …
  • I have that version, and it updated fine through the asset store window for me
  • I redesigned my characters because who needs to work on game mechanics when you can make pretty 3d models lol
  • Congratulations! Have a good time!
  • Cool, this is useful for blinking and facial expressions. This way they don't have to be baked into the animations.
  • 1) Thanks, I'll give it a go 2) Oh well, can't have everything 3) Hmm, then I'm not sure why the cyclops was attacking itself occasionally 4) Yeah, I'm pretty baffled. I'll try with some other combatant and see if it does the same thing or not
  • Isn't adjusting the weights the same as controlling the blendshapes?
  • is that what you were after?
  • This is a video of the basic ATB battle I've set up. As you can see, all the animations function (most of them are placeholders, so don't worry about all the clipping issues) except the cyclops …