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  • Thanks! I'll try this out.... next week when I have access to my computer again.
  • Hmm I guess I didn't explain right. I don't have any components to put on the player, it's a component on the camera, but I need to use an object from the character to put in the Look At and Follow slots of the component. I can conceptualise a scrip…
  • Hmm, ok, looks like it works if I put all the components on the Main Camera. So I can set the Free Look script as a custom control, right? And the Cinemachine Collider? Still, I'm not sure how to set the Look At and Follow to the target child objec…
  • Ok so onwards and upwards! I've been looking into the Cinemachine FreeLook camera and it looks like it would work really nicely for a simple camera. Now I'm trying t…
  • Thanks. I heard from someone that the game crashes on a game over. I'll have to figure that one out. Glad to know there isn't anything glaring though.
  • Ah, the main reason for the camera is that's all I could figure out how to do haha Yeah I don't know what the cursor delay is all about :/ And yes the other things, I know. I was mainly concentrating on making sure everything functioned, and the l…
  • Finally! The demo is ready! DOWNLOAD
  • The new UI is just better. I started out using the old one and the text characters kept getting clipped at the edges. So I switched to the new one and had no such issue.
  • Haha cool. I got it from and their music really does have a strong FF feel.
  • Instead of trying to export, open up the folder that the images are in, you should just be able to copy them out of there.
  • Here's some gifs I made for Twitter. I'm preparing a demo, it'll be finished very shortly after the next ORK update, which will fix a couple of bugs I'm waiting on. Then I'll start a crowdfund that will hopefully do better than the animation one I t…
  • Thanks, looking forward to the next release ^_^
  • I also tried steps that just remove the weapons without equipping the new ones, but that also doesn't work.
  • OK, but there's not much to show. Basically in a cutscene my characters have to swap their initially equipped weapons for ones they are receiving. These are the two nodes: The new weapons equip, but the old ones do not go into the inventory.
  • Thanks for that clarification. I have worked it out now, I think. The problem I was having with the 'keep equipment checkbox' is still an issue, though :(
  • Ok, ok. I've worked out the problem, I think. Attack Attributes. I'm not really sure how they work? So a 0 for the attribute makes them immune to that attribute? So does a high value make them weak or strong against it?
  • oooooookay. I did a new build of the game, and guess what, the magic is doing damage. In the build, but not in the Unity player. What the????? I'm going to test the Unity player again just in case. edit: yep, still 0. HELP!
  • Additionally, it seems like removing equipment with the "keep unequipped" checked doesn't appear to be keeping the equipment. Can you look at that for me too pls? I have an event that tries to keep the equipment repeatedly but I ended up having to a…