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  • that would be awesome, I can help testing and even try to help with this @Klep I was able to have moving characters with photon before, I just can't imagine what you need to do to sync skills/items/drops/battle etc.
  • @Klep I would love to see your implementation for simple p2p or Host as Server which must be simpler than Dedicated server.
  • Multiplayer is a big need for many and would make ORK go to a whole new level, after I spoke with GIL couple of months ago he had a quote of about 10k euro for a multiplayer support in ORK, so you would guess the work that needs to be done. That wou…
  • 55) at Ability Tree Menu Screen,can we have a mask/shadow on Icons of unlearnable abilities? and in shortcut bars is it possible we have again a mask/shadow on icos that we cannot use (low mana or reuse for example)
  • It seems that when you have a toggle ability open and you have a HUD for it, when you save the game and then load it the HUD still displays the ability but the ability is not active, and you have to open the ability again and then close it so the HU…
  • 53) More of a request, on Item collectors, when you select box->loot, would be nice if we could have more than 1 loot table 54) I'm making a companion mobile app for my game, and I started messing around with touch controls etc. I read around th…
  • That is awesome thanks :)
  • 51) ah that's nice then! but regarding 52 you can't have the combatant spawned in the middle of the collider (or even better far away from the trigger) correct? I see I can do that in the custom event spawner
  • this is the case, if you purchased ork 2 months ago, you have 10 months of updates remaining, you just have to e-mail GIL.
  • I had this problem when I used gamekakka's deprecated assets, removing them fixed it for me. so check for any assets you installed lately and remove them to test it
  • awesome, also I see that having a new layer in mecanim with additive works pretty good for attacks
    in Base Attack Comment by dlevel October 8
  • 51) the way I spawn combatants (through procedural generated terrain and prefab spawners) is a one way road to have 1 combatant spawner, so a fix would be nice.. at the moment I test a custom event interaction to spawn combatants with variable check…
  • 51) I have a combatant spawner that has 10 combatants, all with string variables requirements, for example the first 3 are having an areaVar:1-5 string variable while then next 3 have areaVar:6-10 string variable. the 1-5 works fine, but if areaVar:…
  • https://we.tl/t-NheSuC5a0p here you go, put this game event in Combatant -> Spawn Game Event. it also randomly changes color of the combatant. use this to see how it works, it will be useful to understand how event system works in general
  • @matzart if you have the license 1 year before and you are not eligible for the new update, it means that you had 1 year of bug fixes for free, it should have covered your found bugs by now. I understand people frustrated with this route but saying …
  • regarding the automatic animations interupting the macanim animation, is there any way to prevent that in the event system? like if stop Move AI or something? I m having a hard time adjusting this, and it's kinda mandatory to use mecanim on my proje…
    in Base Attack Comment by dlevel October 2
  • ORK doesn't mess with your world creation, and custom character controllers can be integrated with ORK, so I think it's very easy to integrate it and I would start with the game tutorials to learn how it works.
  • haven't tried that but here you go: you can create a game event and add a status fork to check combatants level and add a change scale node with the desired scale according to the level. Then add this game event on the combatant spawn game event. …
  • @imgumby I understand what you are saying, and it's up to GIL if he refunds you or not, but he didn't breach any contract. GIL and every Dev that releases assets on asset store, are fully comply with Unity Store, even if they release an Asset and de…
  • @imgumby I get what you are saying, but think it like this. When you buy an asset no one promises free updates FOR EVER, and no one will do that, at some point assets will be abandoned and deprecated, and this is in the right of the developer that s…

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