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  • I've tried to search for part names for bundles but didn't work. That depends on the code. We have .json file that checks for manifest that checks for bundle sizes, so it rewrites them. One of the main issues is that we have to flush the CDN's cac…
  • Yes, figured it out. I've found a way to download them into the persistent data paths. However, it would be nice, If ORK can load assets based on part of the name, not full name. e.g. CombatantBundle-156963248931, so when I put 'CombatantBundle' OR…
  • Ah, so the Unity/Resources folder. I've put the prefab there and set it in the Battle Start event in Spawn Prefab as 'Resource' category. I hope it will work this way :D
  • Ok, so I need to display 4 different Combatant groups with their 4 members as Icons in a HUD, before the battle, so the player can choose, which one he will attack. Problem is, there are only 3 displayable groups: Player, Ally, Enemy. I can't reall…
  • No, I don't use that style, just a simple UI to memorize enemy group, then player choses his Battle Group and the next scene has to spawn them in Active Time Battle. Edit: I can start Active Time Battle without Battle Component, right? I'll try som…
  • I'm using Autostart on the Battle Component, but it's no problem to switch using Start Battle node. So in this case, I'll have to remove the Battle Component from the scene? Because it's always asking for some predefined group or combatant there.
  • It's fine, but still haven't received anything from you.
  • Well, we've sent you e-mail with this request, with a closer cooperation and asking if you would require money to fuel it up. Got no answer, so what else can be assumed? I don't know if it is a "big" or "small" feature, that's why you're there to c…
  • You could simply write you don't and when you will be about to implement it. We have a big project and need to synchronize it with your updates. You should know what will you include in your next update in these cases and not let people wait weeks j…
  • Is there any rough ETA at least, please? We're pretty much waiting for this feature together with the Quest Bar for Task counters.
  • Machal said: I guess there is none, so can you please add it in the next update? Together with the new, sexy Battle Gains HUDs? :)
  • E-mail sent, appreciate it.
  • Ok, we would really need this, is there ANY way to make this happen? Basically what needs to be done is, that Money, Items and Combatants would need separate HUD's. PM me if needed. We are open for cooperation in this matter.
  • Yeah, checked 2.21, there was some battle end dialogue option, which got me interested. HUD's are what I'm actually looking for. Would I be able to add money + loot into 1 hud? Then I thought that putting vertical columns in choices, then limiting …
  • 'Reset Unity Input' for the Weapons/Armor GUI box solved it out. Problem solved.
  • Nah, that would be a long search. Found a way around anyway, let's call it a day :)
  • Tried that multiple times. It starts to fill weirdly in all fields simultaneously. E.g. there are 6 incos in first row, 3 in second, 2 in third and like that. It never follows the rule of fully filling the first row.
  • You didn't get me. Imagine a square GUI 'Scroll' enabled box e.g. 400x400. You want to fill it horizontaly in a row, left to right with small 40x40 choice buttons. After the first row is full, it starts to fill second row. There's no option to d…
  • Right, forgot about Cancel Death option. Tried and works like a charm! Thanks very much, GiL! :)
  • 2017.1.2, thanks, let me know. It didn't crash the mobile app though, so thankfully it's not game breaking issue.

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