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  • Very handy. Thanks Gil
  • Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. My project was getting bloated from my madness of learning how to use ORK anyway haha.
  • Your efforts are always appreciated
  • FIXED Works perfect man. Having a developer address an issue within the day and release a patch within days is amazing. Thanks for actually giving a damn. ~Muchas gracias amigo.
  • OK, awesome. That's a relief. I can wait for the next release. Thanks for the help and quick response.
  • Ok, so digging in the direction you mentioned,. Doing this. Then setting it to a limited area real time battle arena. Leaving the collider's bounds does in fact give me the proper EXP. Hm.
  • Yes/ >I'm using a whole scene real time battle area and real time battles are set to collect immediately. Even if I uncheck the immediate collection no gains are given when leaving the scene. >I tried adding EXP as a user change for my attac…
  • Updated to 2.27 using Unity 2019.2.10f1. Something seems to have gone wrong/ Using real time battles the damage between combatants is still calculated correctly, but the gains are not distributed. Status bonus like EXP are never given, items will be…
  • The original rm2k crime simulator. edit: name -> dot.rWx
  • You don't need to downgrade, just make a new prefab out of whatever(sphere/particle) and use that instead. The only other one after that in the tutorial that's messed up is the item prefab. Same deal, or just retick the radio toggle button next to …