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  • Ok... Weird. My enemy is "Zombie". So I just spawn not my "Zombie" but "Evil Pants". And "Evil Pants" works! I Can fight without problem. I Can't fight with my "Zombie" enemy and I Don't know why. I check the prefab - everything is the same like in …
  • No, I have Attack battle event in Atack Abilities. It's just weird, I made this event based on GIL's tutorials and everything is the same in there.
  • Yes, everything is there. That's why I don't know what's wrong. I read tutorials again, I check battle events etc.
  • Ok, I just check the tutorial once again. Somehow I miss the step - "Click on Add Control Map to add the control map we just created." :D Thanks anyway for help :)
  • Same thing.
  • Here, I think this is better: Yeah, I set shortcut list index to -1 and shortcut slot index to 1, 2, 3, 4 but it still don't work. Uh and Use Auto Target is also enabled
  • Version 2.24.1 Screenshots are here:
  • Yeah, I set up the interaction controller few days ago, but when I pause the game - it's still move. Ok, thanks, I will try to do something about it
  • Ohh, ok. Yes, I will only add more data. Thanks :D
  • I find something funny - I just add animation to monster waypoint and when I hide in closet, he is following that waypoint. He's standing for a 30 sec and then follow this waypoint position. Maybe it's not the best solution, but it works :D
  • Nope, nothing happends. Enemy stand in waypoint and do nothing. I use Change Move AI Mode after Set Move AI Target.
  • Yeah, it works! Thanks! After hiding in closet, the enemy goes to Waypoint. He Can now hunt player if he see him. Another question - how Can I tell my enemy to go back to following waypoints? Or to follow other group of waypoints? I try to use "Se…
  • Oh, and I'm working on Unity 2017.1.0f3. I buy ORK Framework in 2017-10-14 so I'm working on version 2.14.1, this is the last version I downloaded from Asset Store before you do ORK Update Policy Changes.
  • I send to you link to this project. I just copy/paste events to new Project and create something similar to original. There is Closet (click on it from front), a enemy MouthMonster with waypoints and player.
  • I don't know why, but everything makes my enemy stand in place when player is hidden. I make a lot of Events for Idle Behaviour, but nothing works. I use Change Move AI Mode, Change Move AI and others. I can't find something like "Is Player Avaible…
  • Now the enemy just stand and do nothing. I disable Using Range in Movie AI in Battle System > Battle Settings and in Real Time Battle Settings. When i'm hiding and enemy don't see me - it's working. But when I'm hiding and he saw me before, he j…
  • This is not working :( So I delete player gameobject using Destroy Object when I'm hiding. Then I spawn player after unhide. This image shows Move AI Component when i'm hiding and after unhide. I don't know why the enemy just stop and don't do anyt…
  • Ok. So when I spawn player again, he will have all equipped weapons and inventory? Which Game Event I need to use?
  • Yeah, thanks, i thought my ORK was already updated on Asset Store. I have now newest version and Wrapper is there, thanks :D
  • gamingislove What is going on? You see something? It's working when you open it?