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I've tried setting up Custom Equipment Parts for armor, but they won't show up in the Menu Screen.

In my menu screen, I go to "Available Equipment Parts". I uncheck "All Equipment Parts" and hit the Add Equipment Part button. I am successfully able to select a Custom Equipment Part from the dropdown box. However, ORK2 does not draw the CEP's GUI button while in runtime. It will draw default Armor, but if I use the CEP alone I get this error message:

IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.CreateEquipChoices ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.ShowEquips ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.Show ()
ORKFramework.Menu.Parts.EquipmentMenuPart.Show (ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen s)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Show ()
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Show (IEventStarter starter)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreenItem.Selected (ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen origin)
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Closed ()
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuScreen.Tick ()
ORKFramework.Menu.MenuHandler.Tick ()
ORKFramework.LevelHandler.Update ()

Looks like it doesn't recognize it as an entry in the array containing the Equipment Choices. I have set the character class to equip the CEP and given the combatant the correct class. The combatant also has a piece of Start Equipment of Type Armor.

Any ideas what the problem is?
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    Hm, seems strange ...

    If the class has the equipment parts enabled and the combatant is of the class, you should be able to see them.
    Please send me your ORKProject.asset file (can be found in your project in Assets/ORK Framework/ - I only need the file, no other assets) to contact@orkframework.com.

    It's a bug when initializing the equipment parts of a combatant, based on the wrong class if you're using an other class than the default (index 0).
    So, workaround for now is to use the default class - will be fixed in the official release!
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