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I need to change object variables from outside the object in a script. I've reference the object variables component and looked for something that looked like it could set the variables, but came up empty. It does not seem to be similar to the way you change game variables: ORK.Game.Variable.Set("someBool",true);

Am I missing something?
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  • Something like this?

    OBJVariablesComponent = gameObject.GetComponent<ObjectVariablesComponent> ();

    VariableHandler OBJHandler = OBJVariablesComponent.GetHandler ();

    From the handler you can check and change variables and access all the basic functionality. At least...it seems to work that way on my end unless I royally screwed something up.
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  • That's correct - get the handler (using GetHandler()) and change the variables there.
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  • Ah, I had the reference to the component, but no handler. Thanks, Firrerreo!
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