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Not sure if this is a bug or I'm just not doing something correctly.
So I finally started trying to figure out how to use Global Variables and I've started with something very basic. I made an event that shows dialogue saying simply "Hi". I set it up so the global variable accesses said event via a 'Key' which in this case is Space. I have it so it only has 'Yes' when 'In control' and 'No' for everything else. So in my mind it should work that when I press space and I am in control of my character and the message will pop up, which it does. However, it comes up even when I'm in an event with an NPC, even though I have 'No' marked for 'In Event' when I figured that would stop it. Is this a bug or is it something I'm missing?
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  • I guess you're talking about global events, not global variables :)

    In Event is only valid if you're in a Blocking Event - check if your event has Blocking Event enabled in the event settings.
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    Ok, works like a charm now. Thanks :p
    And now I see it said that in the tooltips. Note to self: Remember to read tooltips
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