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Anyone know how to stop your Combatant from standing back up after their Death Animation? It wasn't an issue with Mecanim, but i've got some that are also using Legacy. I've tried Stopping Idle so far. Thanks!
  • I had that problem with one combatant. I set up a death animation--
    Play Sound--death sound
    Wait 1 sec
    Combatant animation stop idle
    Combatant animation play death
    fade object--the Actor

    hope that helps : )
  • Hey, thanks for the insight. The thing is, I want to keep the actor dead on the ground. Using these settings they still stand back up after the animation ends.
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    They shouldn't. Maybe something is wrong with the animations.
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  • It still stands back up.
  • Well, there's two way, so far as I know, how to do it in ORK.
    The first one is easy, just go into the Combatant Death setting and enable the box Keep prefab. The only problem I have with this is that (as far as I can see) there's no way to make the dead body disappear, because there's no destroy prefab after X second box or anything like that.

    The second way is easier, and it's the way I used. I'm using legacy.
    Go into your combatant's death animation wrap mode and put it on Clamp Forever. Now whenever the combatant die, it will keep lying down until the specific time in your death animation is over.
  • Ah! Clamp Forever did the trick! Thank you Shadow_Fire.
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    Glad to hear that!

    Now, a question for GiL (sorry for hijacking your thread, Balive)
    How do we make the prefab disappear if we tick the Keep Prefab inside the combatant's death setting anyway?
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  • You can use the Destroy Object step in events to destroy any object available in the event (e.g. an actor).
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    of course, it could be useful for a game where necromancy is important... corpses stay and then you make them rise!
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