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I aim to create an old-school isometric 2D RPG, in fact I have most of the GFX available already.
Can I create it with ORK without too much fuss?
I know it's almost impossible to do it in Plygame.
  • ORK doesn't really care if it's 2D or 3D (or isometric), and there are already a lot of 2D games in development (some using 2D toolkit, some Untiy 2D).

    You'll probably need at least a custom player control and keep the 2D positions in mind when setting up events (you'll most likely only need 2 vector axes), but that depends on how you create your visual style in Unity.

    The rest is independent from the visual style, stats and calculations don't care if they are in a 2D or 3D game :D
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  • Thank you, GiL.

    I know the Ork vs Plygame debate is a somewhat touchy subject, but I, for one, have made up my mind, and will be using Ork exclusively. ;)
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