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A Weekend Adventure...
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  • Welcome to the forum! Your game sounds amazing. With some coding and a good camera system I think you can pull this off. Will be interested to see your progress.
  • Hi and welcome! Sounds like you've thought through the basics and have a pretty realistic plan of attack and time frame. :) There's definitely plenty of ways to approach each of your points, either using just ORK or a combination of ORK and custom scripting.

    1 - If you have access to Unity Pro, the following would be super easy with a NavMeshAgent. As for the other bit where the party members break off and do stuff, you could approach it by marking your zones with triggers, and on enter or stay, start a timer When you reach a timed threshold, have your extra party members move to a random waypoint and then start the action tied to that waypoint (like for example, have a bench waypoint that if chosen, plays the character's "sit here" animation and starts a "filming" one). When the player exits the trigger, it could then call another event to stop all the party members and return them to simple following.

    2 - Sounds totally doable with ORK's camera positions - you can have those buttons call an event which calls the camera position to rotate it. You can also start with Unity's SmoothFollow camera script and edit it to better match the angles and positioning you want by default.

    3- Are the points tied to certain moves - like pressing X (if the player is on an appropriately tagged trick environment object) performs a 1080? Or is it more key combo-y like a fighting game? In either case I would start the callback from the player's input (whatever it is) and have that drive both the animation and the point script (whether that's custom or an ORK event - either would work), rather than have the input drive the animation which then drives the points, unless you're timing like specific keyframes to position.

    Totally start a showcase thread and keep us updated. :)
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  • Hi Guys Thanks so much for getting back to my post.

    @Firrerro, thanks so much for the information - Ill get researching right away. I will definitely start up a showcase thread - I think for now the next couple of months will be prototyping some 3D characters and motor systems!

    I really enjoy using unity and ORK, Im used to creating things but making something interactive is different, never felt this kind of joy making things move to my keypress'!

    Look forward to sharing it all!
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