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Is there any paths or waypoints?
Does ORK support mobile? (more or less controls and performance)
Any form of mounts and pets?
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    Yes, yes (although depending on what you want, you may want to implement your own controller), and yes, if you want to create a mount or pet system with custom scripting or events.

    It's hard to say if it has what you want right out of the box because this all depends on what exactly you intend to create. ORK is a very powerful and versatile kit, and in the right hands/knowledge, can support various genres and features. There are many core features that work right out of the box, but stuff like mounts/pets are something you have to implement yourself.
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  • I made a game with ORK1 for iOS mobile. It's in the Apple store.

    Am making a new game using the ORK Framework for iOS mobile. It's coming along. : )
  • Thanks for the replies.
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