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I hope your New Year's celebration is a happy one wherever you are. I'm in New York City and I didn't go to Times Square this year but I have been there freezing in the cold waiting for the ball to drop many years. : )

I watched the ball drop at home this time in my fuzzy slippers. It was pretty cold plus I wanted to spend the time with relatives and not complete strangers. : )

Taylor Swift---rang in the New Year--she is so classy. Welcome to New York! And Happy 2015. You have to wonder why she wasn't freezing in her so tasteful garb but I imagine the hot lights helped and moving around and maybe the pad she danced on was heated. : )

Elton John gave a wowing performance indoors but then he could be her grandfather. : )

Other than living in New York City, my second happiness is the ORK Framework. : )


We had thundering fireworks!

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  • Happy New Year! I'm in Maryland (yay east coast!) but we decided to watch the BBC One New Year's special...mostly 'cause we're lame and old and didn't want to stay up until midnight here. Gotta say it was pretty awesome with the Queen concert.

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  • I've wanted to be in Times Square for New YEars for a long time now. I don't think I could handle a million people crammed into such a small space :) I didn't like half a million crammed into downtown Columbus (OH) for 4th of July. I liked visiting there though. Planning a trip with the family in a couple of years.

    Happy New Year to everyone. Let's hope 2015 sees your projects released!

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    happy 2015, calling in from South Australia :P.
    may all your games be successful this year :).
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  • Happy New Year! I'm new here but aim to spend plenty of time with ORK this year. :)
    I spent NYE in a small Hungarian town called Solymar. The private fireworks show was surprisingly huge. This wasn't one of my louder and more festive NYE's, but then I'm in my 30's already, so whatever. ;)
  • Happy new Year, spent with my friends in a small town called saint Margaret with my friends, staying up til late and playing Risk Metal Gear Solid, watching fireworks and cooking\eating|
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    Happy new year - I spent it in Vienna and I'm stll here, will be back in office on Monday :)
    Only light support until than!
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  • Belated happy new year! Was a bit under the weather so just stayed home and had some wine with the wife. :)
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  • Ooo Vienna! My husband keeps loudly saying hinting we should travel there for New Years one year.
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  • Happy New Year - I have spent my New Years Eve here in Gothenburg partying!
    Just got back home, more ready than ever to start of the new year with a project made in Ork :D
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