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I try to update to 2.0 the framework in my Project but: How can i Reassign the scripts from step 3?
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    Find all of the events in your current project directory; and in the inspector, it should say that the scripts is missing. Change each of the events to their appropriate scripts; but make sure that it's all correct or you'll end up with broken events.
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  • thanks a lot Kirb ;)
  • I have reassigned all Events and the orkprojektbackupfiles. All Events are there but all other things like gui boxes, player, animation are all gone... can anybody help
  • You probably forgot to update your actual ORK project file: Assets/ORK Framework/ORKProject.asst

    Sadly, you'll now have to restart from a backup of your Unity project, because when you open the ORK Framework editor and the script isn't assigned to the actual project file, it'll be replaced by a new, blank project ...
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  • Ah now it´s perfect :) thanks
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