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I'm using an Active time battle system, and I have noticed in play-testing that sometimes the time bars do not pause when the battle menu is open. I cannot seem to figure out what is causing it though, sometimes it happens, but most of the time it is ok. Ive double checked all my setting, the checkbox for pause on menu and pause on action is selected.
I initially though it was something to do with cast times, as many of the skills have to cast for a second or two before it does its action(which maybe was confusing the time calc for the time bar), but I then tested not using any timed skills and it still happened so I don't think that's quite it. At this point I'm at a loss since I can't regularly repeat it but can confirm it does happen on occasion. Not a major priority but I figured I would report it and see if you can dig around and find out why that might happen?
  • Didn't happen on my end, how often does it occur?
    I'll need a test project - could be some settings combination or ability setup, testing with my project will probably lead to nothing :)
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  • Its rather elusive, didn't notice it until about 4 hours into playtesting, it does not seem to happen when its a 1v1 battle, or even 2v1. The more members in battle, the more it happens, noticed it when it was 3pcs v 3npc - although I just realized that even when the timebar does continue, if I wait and watch it, it does pause again after about a full bar length so it wont continue the battle endlessly. And its always the 3rd turn, not necessarily the 3rd member, but the 3rd person to go in battle on my team(when it does actually happen).
    Right now my project is huge with hundreds of skills, monsters, summons etc so I will try and make a smaller test project to demonstrate this bug and send it your way when I get a chance. And thanks for the quick addition of that revive step, works perfectly :)
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