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First off, thanks for creating what seems to be a really useful RPG toolkit!

I have numerous questions and I hope someone can answer them. I've broken the questions up into categories.

I understand most of these questions can be answered with 'custom coding', and I'd like to understand which do, and which are already in-built or are going to be implemented soon. I'm also relatively new to Unity, so please forgive me if some questions are more about Unity than ORK.

1. Anti-hacking: what kind of support does ORK have for preventing users from tampering with values such as HP, ATK etc with memory editors?
2. Is there support for ability quests? i.e. abilities which become unlocked when a quest is completed
3. Is there support for loot and mob scaling? i.e. enemy AI combatants which scale according to the level of player's combatants and which give corresponding loot levels
4. How is range implemented? Do combatants have an 'aggro' range, and if an enemy enters this range, they will then move toward and engage them?
5. When there are melee and ranged fighters, is there a concept of engagement range, where ranged fighters will hang back and fire at enemies from a distance?
6. Is there support for class targetting? Meaning, some classes will preferentially engage other classes even if they're further away? And can these be changed mid-battle?
7. Is there support for 'sight'? Meaning combatants can become invisible and thus not attackable. Or combatants can be blinded which either makes them unable to attack, or reduces their attack significantly?
8. Is there support for fleeing, and some xp deduction when successfully fleeing?
9. Is it a problem for ORK if players have no control over movement of combatants? i.e. movement is handled purely by AI, and some abilities can change position/movement
10. Is there support for spawning enemy waves?
11. Is there support for health regeneration, and items/abilities which modify health regeneration?
12. Is there a concept of a 'tick' in ORK? i.e. the unit of health/mana/energy regeneration
13. Is there support for an additional timebar? i.e. some other value which can get consumed by abilities and regenerates at some rate
14. Are factions fixed? Can players create factions?
15. What types of shops are there? Are the number and location of shops static, or can they be dynamic? Can there be faction-specific shops?

1. Is there support for abilities which modify the timebar? Either adding/subtracting from it, or modifying the rate of timebar recovery
2. Is there support for abilities which prevent enemy abilities from being used?
3. Is there support for a shared timebar? i.e. instead of each combatant having their own timebar, all combatants on the same 'side' share a timebar.
4. Is there support for abilities which target specific/or all friendly/enemy units?
5. Is there support for casting/activation time, which is when an ability has not taken effect, and can potentially be interrupted by being attacked, or by another ability.
6. Is there support for ability cooldown, where after using an ability, you can't use it again until the cooldown has expired?
7. Is there support for abilities which modify combatant location, either friendly or enemy?
8. Is there support for abilities which delay death? e.g. combatant is at 0HP, but stay there for x seconds w/o dying

1. Is there way to define item/abilities/quests via JSON and import them into ORK?
2. How git-friendly is ORK? i.e. when adding items, modifying events etc, would these changes be git diff-able?

1. My game has a 'city mode' and a 'battle mode'. How would I integrate ORK with the 'city mode'?
2. My game requires reporting battle success/failure to a server, and loot is decided on the server and provided to the player. How would this be implemented in ORK?
3. Does multiplayer support exist? i.e. multiple players acting as combatants in a battle either against each other or on the same team against enemy AI
4. Is there support for battle replays? i.e. capturing battles so that they can be shared/replayed at a later date.
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    Gil and others will answer you but I can give you a short list of which of these I believe are built in. Welcome!

    There is support for preventing enemy abilities from being used.
    I believe there is support for abilities which target a specific or all friendly enemy unit and for a cool down and casting/activation time.
    I believe there is support for abilities which delay death.
    I believe you can easily unlock or unblock an ability when a quest is completed. I do it through the Quest event.
    There are different ways to handle range. Someone else would be better at answering this than me.
    You can blind your opponents.
    There is support for fleeing. I do it all the time. : )
    There is support for spawning enemy waves.
    I think you can have movement of combatants handled purely by ai. My combatants have their own different ais.
    There is ample support for health regeneration and items, shortcuts, abilities which modify that.
    Ork is particularly mobile friendly in this regard as in most.
    I think there is support for the tick and support for additional time bars.
    You can create factions.
    You can have any type of shop you want. By static do you mean you have to manually place them after you set them up? I would say yes it's static unless you script something.

    Wtyson here is working on adding some multiplayer support to a game he's working on. It doesn't happen out of the box.

    Gil is the one who has to answer you on that one and anything about servers.

    I hope I pared some of your list down. : )

    Ork is very flexible and versatile. It can probably be used to do a lot of things none of us have even thought of-- out of the box.

    I'm typing this on my iPad so it was easiest for me to try to answer your questions going backward. Once again, welcome to the forum.
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  • Catacomber, thank you for taking the time to respond! I look forward to hearing from Gil et al about the rest of the list.. :-)
  • Gameplay
    1. None - don't even know if that's possible with Unity :)
    2. Yes, since quests are handled through the event system (i.e. displaying their dialogue, etc.), you can simply learn a new ability to the player in the quest's completion event
    3. Yes - there are various conditions/requirements that can be used for AI and loot.
    4. Ranges are used by various things, e.g. you can give each ability an individual use range. You're most likely interested in the Move AI, which uses ranges e.g. to define when a combatant will hunt the player (also with sight radius, etc.).
    5. That's mostly up to the use range of the abilities.
    6. There are various conditions/requirements for the battle AI that can use this mechanic.
    7. Yes - status effects can influence that, they can also be used as requirements in the AI to prevent a combatant from being targeted.
    8. Yes, in arena battles (i.e. using the Battle component) - real time area battles have no flee mechanic, as you can simply run away physically :)
    9. ORK doesn't care about that at all - most of the systems are optional, if you don't want to use something, don't use it. Also, you can use any custom controls you want, even if it's purely AI.
    10. Yes, using the event system you can add enemy waves.
    11. Yes, depending on what exactly you want, there are many ways to do this (e.g. status effects, status values that influence formulas, etc.).
    12. Yes, either using status effects or a combatant's status value time changes, which are split into field and battle changes of consumable status values (e.g. HP).
    13. Yes - you can use status values for that.
    14. You're free to create whatever factions you need and how they stand to each other (through the faction sympathy matrix). The sympathy between factions can be changed in the running game (e.g. automatically if a member of one faction kills another faction's member).
    15. You define your own shops and how they're presented to the player. If you want a shop to only have weapons, only add weapons to the shop's item list. Shops can be added to a scene by either using the Shop Interaction or the event system. Using the event system allows also doing additional checks (e.g. for factions) or displaying dialogue before opening a shop.

    1. Currently, abilities can't change the timebar, but that can be added in future updates if needed. The timebar recovery will usually be handled by a formula, which can be influenced by many things, e.g. using a status value to define the recovery rate and influencing that through a status effect that has been applied by an ability.
    2. Can be done using status effects (which can be applied by abilities).
    3. No, that's currently not possible. It's possible to add this kind of mechanic using game variables and the event system.
    4. Yes.
    5. Yes.
    6. Yes.
    7. Yes - abilities (or let's say: all actions in battle) are animated through the event system, which expands what you can do with them greatly.
    8. The death is also animated using the event system - so you could add a delay there, but the cobmatant will die at the end anyway :)

    1. Yes, with custom scripting and probably some changes to the gameplay code (which is included in the full version).
    2. This data is saved in Unity assets as XML strings, so it should be useable with git - but I haven't tested it yet.

    1. Depends what your city mode does - I guess it will just replace the current field mode (i.e. where the player is running around and talking)?
    Usually, you will either do this using the event system or just custom controls.
    2. Most likely with the event system and some custom scripts - e.g. adding custom event steps that report to the server and continue the event after receiving the answer.
    3. No.
    4. No.
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  • On that hacking question, there is an anti-cheat toolkit on the asset store. It's just a first level of protection, but you might consider it. It's $25 but has been on sale before.
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