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Your pack has everything I need but I wanted to check whether it has the ability to have large scale units say 20 individuals in a unit that could be given orders as one in a turn based or phased game - along the lines of a tabletop wargame where the units can be selected as a group and then carry out one action for all of them?

E.g. I would select 20 pikemen and then order them to move as a unit to another area?

Its not quite rpg although there are elements to it

In short is it possible to assign an action to a number of units and they carry that action out as one rather than like in an rpg where you are selecting each unit to assign actions
  • Currently not possible out of the box. A large amount of combatants is no problem, but giving all of them an order at the same time would only be possible with some custom scripting, as ORK's current battle control is built around single commands.
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