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So far I have been super impressed by ORK. But as someone who started with ORK 2, I am curious about what ORK 1 was like. Any huge differences? Or is ORK 2 like ORK 1 but with a whole lot more features?

So instead of wondering, I am turning to you guys thinking that some of you have probably been around since ORK 1 :D.
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    ORK1 offered full source, but that's generally the only real advantage over it at the moment (ORK2 offers source on most aspects of it anyway). ORK2 pretty much blows it out of the water in terms of versatility and power.
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  • Cool : ), I like versatility and power, and also the fact that most of it is stable while working like a charm.
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    ORK 2 is what I've learned from ORK 1 + a lot of new features.
    Probably the biggest advantage of ORK 2 is the node editor (previously, events and formulas have been in a list form, which wasn't very userfriendly ...) and generally the improved editor with help texts, better layout, etc.

    Edit: For those looking for ORK 1 tutorials and wiki, you can find them here. The old rpg-kit.com website will now also lead to orkframework.com :)
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  • Thanks for the answer guys. Cool to know what ORK 2 has evolved from. : )
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