• Finally, some good feedback!
    FYI, software developer for 16 years now, professionally. Been doing it for almost 30 years overall. So, I'm used to getting ripped apart for things that don't go as expected. I don't feel you're being mean at all.

    Yeah, the AI you see is absolute basic. I have a few more monsters in there that have a bit more advanced AI which makes for a really tough fight. I've lost my fair share of fights with them :)

    Hmm, head bob. Something I've always detested. I guess, I shouldn't let my personal tastes bleed into things; but, make it an option to turn off/on.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • @keyboardcowboy No problem. Yeah Personal taste is something i tell my boss he shouldn't let Influence the game much. He's a huge FPS fan an has his own idea of what he thinks a fps should be like. so we butt heads every now an then on some issues. Cause i'll take the player's point of view while he takes his. But if you ever want some tips on level design. on how to make your scenes look more up to date let me know and ill go on skype with you or some thing and help you out. also look up OBS. Its a free vid capturing software. That out puts to mp4 and its a hell of alot lighter then fraps its what i use to do my vids.
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    Ugh I hate head bob so much! If you do implement it, do me a solid and do it with a selectable toggle in options. From player to Designer! Please please! I do agree though that would add a fair bit of polish to it.
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  • Very nice,Looking forward to seeing the next update.
  • @paulgswanson @keyboardcowboy if it was me id have a a sword animated by a script. dont really need hands but a script doing some interpolations on positions and rotations. to give more dynamics to it by setting up a few different rotations and positions that are nice an smooth an randomly picking each time u attack would make for a good set up. dont really remember what it is in unity but i think its smooth damp to interpolate between to positions and rotations and then just interp back after the positions reached. same with spell casting just having a staff for spell casting would give it more dynamics. if done right it looks really natural as well and most times looks better then animations.
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
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    Here are a few new screenshots of the starting area, Nerah's Landing.
    photo Grab 20171105 212053 w1920h1080 x626y126z649r35_zpstfpdtdii.jpeg

    photo Grab 20171017 231059 w1920h1080 x608y122z679r269_zpsot3mnpe3.jpeg

    Sunset photo Grab 20171105 204616 w1920h1080 x408y83z673r282_zpsg54oqm50.jpeg

    Nerah's Landing photo Grab 20171009 162709 w1920h1080 x655y101z717r11_zpswuqypmtr.jpeg
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    Looks super cool!

    Are all these UIs created by ORK, I mean like the party creation screen, spell shop, etc??
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  • All UIs are ORK except the party creation screen. I wrote the code for that and used Unity's uGUI.
  • The past few weeks has been productive. I've got my website up and running (finally). I've been posting there each week of what I've been working on for the week. I have a monthly newsletter that I started this month. It's a round up of what I have been working on for the month. If you are interested, you can sign up on the website.

    I figured I was far enough along to finally start putting myself out there. It has peeked some interest over at RPGCodex which made my day when I saw that. I'm on a strong push to get the game ready for Early Access (or even an alpha demo link somewhere) by the end of August of this year at the latest. And, with that a final push to ship by December of this year (I've even allowed myself to push to 1st quarter 2019 - don't want to burn myself out).

    I have to give a big thanks to @GIL and all of his hard work. ORK has saved me many months of coding (I only work about 15 -20 hrs per week on the game) all of these systems myself.

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    I've released Alpha v0.1 version of the game. This is buggy, not optimized, unfinished pieces version of the game. If you don't mind that --
    You can download it from here:


    Here are some Keyboard shortcuts

    I - Inventory
    J - Journal
    E - Equipment
    C - Crafting
    K - Skills
    R - Rest
    T - Time
    M - Map

    ---These can be remapped in the small dialog window: THIS will be different in the future.
    W - Forward
    S - Back
    A - Left
    D - Right

    Hold RIGHT mouse button for mouse look
    Holding the LEFT Mouse Button over a mob will show you the group make-up and estimated strength versus the party.
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  • Am downloading it.
    Olive Branches ~ in development ~ now with a WEBSITE!!!
  • Wow, this is very technically impressive! And it has a strong DnD feel. And there is not much that gives away that it's an ORK game.

    Having said that, here are some issues I've encountered so far...

    First, a typo in one of the intro screens:

    Next, here are a couple of issues with tense. You switch between present and past tense where I've highlighted.

    And here are a couple of bugs I encountered:

    The first thing I did when the game started was try out the menu buttons. I clicked the first one, which showed me the time, then I clicked the second one, which brought up the rest box behind the time, and made the menu icons vanish. I thought I was stuck like this until I realised I could control the rest menu with keys. So it's not gamebreaking but it did have me perplexed for a minute. I would suggest either closing the time menu when another menu is opened or not making the icons disappear when entering the rest menu.

    Later, I was heading for one of the houses when I came across a couple of snakes. I ran from the battle and it deposited me back at the beach, and the snake health bar was still visible. Is it intended that running from a battle puts you back at the shipwreck?

    Lastly, I feel like the first battle, the skeletons on the beach, may be a little strong for a first battle. They killed two of my party members with one hit immediately, and I have nothing to revive them...

    Sorry if I sounded harsh or anything, I don't mean to - it's an excellently realised game and I look forward to its continued progress :D
    Olive Branches ~ in development ~ now with a WEBSITE!!!
  • Also, it would kick up the graphics a notch if you add anti-aliasing to the camera :)
    Olive Branches ~ in development ~ now with a WEBSITE!!!
  • @Natnie - thanks for the feedback! Nope, didn't sound harsh at all.
    Typos - blah :)

    Nice catch on the menu. Didn't realize that one. That's pretty easy to fix.
    I haven't figured out the health bar issue yet. It is known. I have code in place to make the window disappear when the mob dies. Still fighting that one.
    Yes, for this map, you are returned to the beach when you run. Each map has a "run" spot. For dungeons, it's back to the beginning. I wanted some sort of penalty for running. Time worked best for me.
    Sorry about the skeleton. That group was there for some testing I was doing vs. tracking the specific group down on the island. On the plus side, your party didn't die :)
    If you turn around from the starting spot, you will see a couple of small crates in the water. One of them has a few starting supplies from the shipwreck to get you going.

    Have NO desire to kick the graphics up a notch more than I did from the original start. I'm after a certain look that I know I can put together which I feel that I have managed to do (comments from RPGCodex has suggested that I captured that feel as well).

    Again, thanks for taking the time to play and provide some feedback. I have a few downloads but no feedback about the game. 1 person commented that it would not run very well on their low-spec laptop. And, that's it. No other feedback.
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