• Glad to have helped :)
    Olive Branches ~ in development ~ now with a WEBSITE!!!
  • Well, it's 2019; so, Happy New Year to all!

    I uploaded the latest version yesterday. You can grab the latest version from indieDB

    Races for Party Creation
    I've added races to party creation! The following are available:

    Half Elf
    Half Orc

    For the benefits of each, hover the mouse of the race select button. Most are standard fantasy races. Khoth, however, are not. So, I will explain them a bit.

    See below for a description of the Khoth and Infusion practices.

    Khoth look like most humans with the exception of their eyes. The Khoth's eyes tend to glow the color of their donor dragon (not represented in portraits I'm afraid).
    Khoth exhibit the elemental immunity of their donor dragon. And, they posses the dragon's conic breath weapon as magical spell which emulates the breath weapon from the Khoth's hand. As the Khoth's level increase; so does the power of their cone weapon. The cone weapon has a percentage chance of "firing" increasing as the Khoth levels (originally had it firing 100% which resulted in a very powerful group). The weapon uses no stamina or mana as it is an innate ability. It does have a 5 round cooldown (subject to change). They have a weakness towards magical damage.

    NOTE: I am going to experiment with weakness based on the dragon selected in the next version. For example, choosing a black dragon gives the Khoth immunity to Disease based damage. Besides the magic damage weakness, the black dragon would have a weakness to Poison based damage. Red dragon would have a weakness to cold based damage, etc.

    That's the brief description of the Khoth.

    This version sees a new Mini-Map. I got rid of the old map that I had. I figured Might and Magic 6-8 used one, why not me. Right now, you can see all enemies within the view. That will change to requiring a spell. It doesn't work in dungeons at the moment. I need to do some work there for it to function properly.

    Key Binding
    Key binding has been added, finally! Just select the CONTROLS option from the in-game menu. I've moved the EXAMINE button from the left-mouse button to the 'F' button. Holding the button and hovering the mouse over an interactive object will show the name of the object. Doing the same over a mob group will display the groups makeup and approximate difficulty.

    Infusion and Khoth
    This ancient practice was observed by the followers of Thrymm (the Dragon Lord). Ranking members of the order would infuse dragon blood into their own bodies in hopes of gaining that dragon’s power one day. The dragon cults were banned by many societies. Once the practice of infusion was discovered, those same societies often hunted and killed the followers. Infusion and the worshiping of Thrymm was banned in the lands of Farmoor.

    After several centuries had passed and those once in power were no more, Thrymm worshiping had resumed. Infusion had disappeared due to many dragons being killed during the Draconic Wars. Though, no longer practiced, descendants of the original practitioners benefited. Those humans whose ancestors practiced the art are known as the Khoth. The Khoth did inherit some of those dragon powers. Khoth blend well into human societies. The main difference, their eyes. Their eyes appear snake-like with the whites tinted with the dragon’s color which their ancestors infused. Thus, a Khoth of green dragon blood would show a green tint in the whites of their eyes.

    Khoth are welcomed and un-welcomed in human societies. Human’s tolerance and intolerance for their own kind (and outsiders) show the same level of tolerance for the Khoth. It just depends where you are in the world.
    Elves see the Khoth as an abomination to nature. Therefore, Khoth are often hated by most Elven societies. There are a few individuals that have overcome the ancient ancestral bigotry though.

    The rest of the world are rather neutral toward the Khoth. Most view them as humans with snake eyes. Of course, it comes down to the individuals, towns and villages’ tolerances.
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    Happy New Year! Downloaded. Khoth are very interesting!
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  • Thanks for checking it out @Catacomber
    I was trying to come up with another humanoid race (wanted an even 6 to choose from :))
    That's what I came up with.
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    I'll be writing this as I play it. So, kind of reactionary...

    1. the + and - on the party screen are kind of small and hard to click at my 1920 resolution.
    2. May be placeholder but I'd drag out that intro a bit, describe the world maybe? who our group of adventurers are, although that may be tricky given the player can create whoever, so you'd have to be vague about it.
    3. Getting some old school CRPG vibes. and a bit of lag, not sure why, playing on highest settings.
    4. Those icons at the top are very small for me, can just barely make out what each one is.
    5. Probably just placeholder but throw down some prefabs for player attacks like sound effects and a 'smack' effect (Okay spells do, that's good)
    6. Those Snakes just MURDERED me lol
    7. Getting some flickering going on. Im exiting and trying again at a lower gfx setting.
    8. Quick suggestion : Maybe have a battle arena for combat? enemies tend to float on uneven ground. IK's would work too.
    9. Kobolds dead, felt way easier than the snakes!
    10. Id really like to be able to talk to the people in the houses, its a good place to share some of the games lore.
    11. The houses strewn about the otherwise dangerous wilderness seems odd. Maybe centralize them more in that port town? It'll make the town feel more full.
    12. Died again, I guess kobolds are the starter enemies. Just can't beat anything else atm.

    I like the vibe, getting kind of a crpg/daggerfall feeling from it, but you've given yourself alot that needs to be polished too, so I'd start cleaning up what you have before you move on.

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    Miuratale : coming 2024
  • Wow! Thanks for the feedback @wrofir
    That's been my biggest issue so far. I have downloads; but, no feedback.

    1. I'll take that into consideration (my screen is 1920x1080 as well)
    2. Hmm, interesting. I was afraid it might be a bit too long.
    3. If you are talking about graphics lag, yeah, I haven't really optimized the game yet. That will be during my polishing phase before release
    4. I agree. Haven't got around to making them bigger :)
    5. Once polished, there will be more sounds for melee fights. I just started with the spells
    6. hehe
    7. Can you explain why kind of flickering? I noticed it on the water when I first fire up the game. If I look down and then back up, it goes away. I don't see it while running through the editor
    8. I have experimented with that. It didn't feel right. I know the old JRPGs did that. I may throw a sample battle in the next version or two and see what people think
    9. Combat has not been balanced. But, yes, kobolds are supposed to be a mildly tough challenge for a level 1 group
    10. Absolutely! I have not worked on the writing yet. LOTS of stuff that still needs done before I call this thing finished. Although, I will have some "tutors" in the next version discussing the basics of melee combat and magic.
    11. Which map where you in? The starting map, Nerah's Landing, was supposed to be like this. With the Murkwater Pirates operating in that area, plus, the dangerous wildlife, very few are brave enough to call this place home.
    12. Sounds like you didn't find the chest with supplies that washed up on shore with the party. From the starting location, turn around and look at the party's shipwreck. To your left, in the water, is a supply crate. Hmm, maybe a few health and mana potions to start out with would help just in case you miss the crate. That crate really helps.

    As far as polishing - not yet. That is my final phase once I have all elements of the game in place. That's when optimization for smoother FPS, combat balance, spells balance, etc will take place. I figure if the game isn't fun in its raw state - what will polishing it do :)

    Again, thanks for the feedback. If you play again, feel free to share! I need it!
  • New update is available

    Put in some fixes based on @wrofir observations

    Added Necromancer class
    Added new spells
    Fixed the Exhausted state bug (state wouldn't go away)
    Added Melee abilities

    You can grab the latest if you want to test an alpha build from the IndieDB link below.
  • Thought I would post a few screenshots from the new starting area dungeon: Temple of Solaris (solaris is the god of fire)


    Working on get a build ready for this weekend. Didn't have some things I wanted done for a February build...so, this one is 2 builds in one!
  • Another alpha build has been uploaded to indieDB if any devs here wish to tear apar...critique :) what I have done so far with ORK. Still have a long way to go; but, I'm getting there. I keep finding little things during my play tests. Fix one thing, another thing falls apart. Plus, content creation is VERY TIME CONSUMING!

    This build fixes some of the bugs that I found in the last build's play test. For instance, if you chose to build a Khoth necromancer in the first character slot, you were forced into a cleric's role. Stupid stuff like that.

    Of course, I found new bugs that will need to be addressed in the next build. The necromancer's XP to level is not correct. 

    The following have been added into this build:

    TRAINERS! You can now train in all weapons, magic and armor skills. I finally got code written and all of the NPCs placed into the world. This took way more time then I had intended. 

    Locked Chests: I have created the lockpicking mechanic and chests were a good place to start. When the party encounters a locked chest, a dialog will be displayed giving you a choice to pick the lock or bash it. Bashing a lock is a strength check (of the character that you choose to bash the lock) vs. the lock's difficulty to be bashed. Failure to bash the lock will result in a destroyed chest along with the loot inside.

    Picking the lock is a skill check (Lockpicking). If you wish to pick the lock without the skill, it is a dexterity check vs. the lock. Both of these attempts require a lockpick - new item in the game.

    Trapped Chests: A skill check is made (Detect Traps) against the trap's difficulty. If no character in the party has the skill, perception check is made. If all checks fail to detect the trap (all party members are checked passively), the trap goes off. 

    The character that detects the trap will announce they found a trap. This will give you the choice to attempt to disarm the trap or leave the chest alone. Disarming the trap is a check against the chosen character's Disarm Trap skill or Dexterity. Failing to disarm the trap will set it off causing harm to the party. The loot inside is still intact. I'm thinking about adding a reflex check of the character disarming the trap if the trap is fired. Failing the reflex check, only the character disarming the trap would be harmed vs. the entire party. Not sure about that one yet.

    I tinkered with the XP formula. Right now, it takes a bit longer to level then previous build. I think it is a bit too long and may need to tweak it again for the next build.

  • Beta Demo is available (well, after the file is finishing uploading). You can grab the demo from the button below

    This release includes various bug fixes, polish, and the re-addition of the Beastiary. This will become the official demo of the game.
    As such, you cannot complete the quest to leave the island in this version. The demo includes the starting zone and 2 dungeons which are accessible
    from this zone (don't recommend going into them - have fun if you do)

    One of the biggest bugs that, I think, I finally squashed was an odd combat bug. It didn't happen often; but, it required an ALT + TAB and close of the game.
    This resulted in lost progress since your last save. Tracked it down to the window that I display post-combat that displays your spoils and a message indicating
    the party gained experience. Well, turns out, if the party didn't get any loot the window didn't display which is fine; except, the condition had the window waiting
    for the player to close the window. Should have seen that sooner. Took a while to figure out the no-loot condition.

    Polish includes replacing a lot of placeholder text for spellbooks, spells, items, etc. Going through this, found some spells that hadn't been finished.
    I need to make another pass or two to make sure all things have been cleaned up.

    The beastiary is working correctly now. An entry is made when you encounter a monster in combat. However, the details are not filled in. You will need a party
    member with the Lore skill which gives the ability to ID Monster (in combat). If successful, details about the monster will be filled in. I don't have them in
    game yet; a spell and a couple of items will grant the ability to ID monsters as well. There is a trainer on the island for the Lore skill.

    I have added a few more quests on the starting island. By doing all the quests with some monster bashing (or lots of monster bashing if quests don't interest you),
    the party should be level 2 when leaving the island for Druinport. I have added more shops to the island which were necessary for crafting, buying spells, and
    combat books. 

    Alchemy is the only tradeskill available at the beginning of the game. There is a trainer on the island. You will need to find an Alchemy workstation
    (or buy a portable workstation) to brew your potions. The fennel plants have been "turned" back on for gathering. Thought about getting rid of them and just buying
    your ingredients, some people like to gather their ingredients when possible. I do it sometimes in other games that provide the mechanic. 
  • Let me know when you have an updated demo! I'd like to check it out :)
    Miuratale : coming 2024
  • Thanks for the interest. I'm shooting for an update sometime next week. This will be the official demo!

  • In case anyone else is interested, I posted an updated Demo to fix a few bugs which were brought to my attention and added mouse options in the configuration menu
  • Been a while since I commented in here. I just had to share this:

    Created a new ability for a vampire mob I have in game - Charm spell. While testing, one of my characters got charmed (yay). Well, when their turn came round they would attack an ally. All is good. During the combat, the allies were wiped out leaving the charmed character left and still in a charmed state. On their next turn, since no allies were left to attack, they attacked themselves and committed suicide of sorts. It was hilarious. Leaving that in place 'cause I loved it.
  • Isn't that how charm spells usually work? :)
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