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Alright, so I am moving some objects via events (using the change position step), and while this works flawlessly in the X-direction as well as the Z-direction , the Y-direction does not for some reason. The objects only move 0.09999999 in that direction, no matter what value I set in the Y-field under Position.
Also this only happens if i try to move the object over time. Again, X and Z-direction works, but Y does not. It works when moving by time instead of speed, but it would be nice if I could use the latter since it gives more precision.

I also tried this in a new project and got the same result, so it is not something else in my project causing interference. Is it a bug? Or am I missing something?

Below is a screenshot of the settings I am using in Change Position :

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    Yes, some Change Position setups currently don't do Y-axis changes by default - there's an option coming for that in tomorrows update :)
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  • Wow thanks, that is good news :D. Also might I take this opportunity to ask you about a somewhat similar matter Gil?

    When searching for objects in events I often find myself using the find within range option. That option obviously searches for the named object in all directions from the "event object" so to speak, or only in the X or Y directions respectively. As things are now however, Search
    Object always looks at both the positive and negative side of X and Y.

    Would it be possible to sometime in the future sneak in some kind of way to search for object only in positive or negative X and/or Y direction respectively?

    Sorry for asking two questions at once here, and thank you again for your awesome work! :D
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