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I use a script add some components to combatant when it spawn, But when the combatant enter to the second scene, These added component by my script are missed.
How do I have right time to call my script when "scene change" event happen.

void Awake(){
CharacterController c = gameObject.GetComponent<CharacterController>();
if (c == null) {
c = gameObject.AddComponent<CharacterController>();

c.center = new Vector3(0, 1, 0);

//---- I add other component to combatant there,
//---- I may add this in Update(), But it seem that the CharacterController just can add on Awake() method,


I want do some things by script when a profab spawn(such as ability, item ), So I don't want add these components to profab static, Because I hope keep these prefabs simple.

By the way, I follow the "Game tutorial: 50. Adding a 2nd player group member", When enter the "2 Field" The blue Pants isn't on the ground. I want call a function to let it stand on the ground after "scene change" event happen.

Or may You have good solution for this , I am sorry for I don't catch it now.

I use a script to add these component, It seem work(combatant, ability, weapon) , For the play combatant go to the second scene, I add these again.
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  • Did you add your script to the combatant's prefab? The Awake function should be called each time the component is added or the game object is spawned.

    You can add a Spawn On Ground component to the prefab of Blue Pants to spawn him on the ground.
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