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Well the topic says it all I guess. It works perfectly fine until I add the battle event that plays the mecanim animation to the Ability. Also this is during realtime battle. Anything I have forgotten to do? If so I cant figure out what it is. It is a simple event with a Play Combatant Animation --> Wait 0.5 Sek. The ability that uses it is a basic attack, and it is an ability used by the enemy faction combatant.

Thanks again for the help :D
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  • Without a battle event the ability/item will just use calculate the outcome, so there's no damage dealer involved until you animate the action.

    You need to activate damage dealers in order to do damage with them. Either use the Auto Activation feature (as explained in the game tutorials), or use the Activate Damage Dealer step in the battle event. Both methods require for the damage dealer to be set up for that use (e.g. using tags).
    Also, the Damage Zones on the combatants must be set up correctly :)
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    Alright so I double checked everything. Battle event is set up, Damage Zones and Damage Dealers are correct on both combatants. Auto activation works, and so does Manual Activation as described in the Tutorial... Until I check "Animate" under the Animation Setting in the ability tab in ORK. When I do that damage will not be dealt anymore no matter if I activate them manually or automatically. It is really weird, cause If i deactivate Animate, it works like a charm, except for there being no animation that is... I just upgraded to the latest unity version today 4.6.3.

    Thnx for the quick answer btw :D

    Aha! Now I understand what you meant Gil! Sorry for being slow. I shall triple check my Damage Dealers and zones once again :D.

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