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Hi there, i'm a new users of the ORK framework and am wanting to implement my own game mechanics, for the turn based system, based upon some specific rules.

I wish to check the statistics for combatants besides the initial target, for example:

if we have enemies:

A, B, C

Targeting enemy A, i wish to check specific stats based on enemy B only
Targeting enemy B, i wish to check specific stats based on enemy A and enemy C
Targeting enemy C, i wish to check specific stats based on enemy A only

As of writing this, i don't currently see a method for retrieving variables for battle spots, for either enemies of allies in the Event node system. It would be quite useful to also be able to retrieve the combatant assigned to each battle spot.

I also wish to have this forwards compatible when more than 3 enemies are present, so is there a method of retrieving the total number of battle spots would also be required.

Also, I am currently wondering if there is any means of changing the selected target through the Event creator.

  • Of course, if there is an easier method for going about this please don't hesitate to reply.
  • That's currently not possible - while you can use the Check Status step to check stats, you can only do that for either the user/target or their whole groups.

    Battle spots can be accessed through the Waypoints event object type in some steps.

    Changing the actual target of an action is not possible, but you can add your own mechanics to the event, e.g. using the Change Status Value step or the Use Ability Calculation step to do changes on a different combatant.
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