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The tutorial says "That’s done using the Inactive Color settings. The default settings are made in Menus > Menu/Shop Settings." But there is no "Menu/Shop Settings" under the "Menus" tab for me - where are those settings? I'm on the newest version.

There are "Menu Backgrounds" and "Shop Backgrounds" under "Menus > Menu Settings" but the editables don't match the ones form the tutorial at all.

There is also a "Default Inactive Colors" under "Menus > Menu Settings > Default GUI Box Settings" but it's also different from the tutorial's example.
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    I think this is a gil question as I see the same thing. And under World/Shop Layouts and Shops I see nothing related. Something probably got updated since that tutorial was written.

    NOTE: That it's still true though as the tutorial says--you can override the default inactive colors in any GUI box--so try playing with that--make a GUI box for your shop and set up some inactive colors. : ) Keep a back up of your old project so you can revert if you don't like the result.
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    Thanks for your reply! The default inactive colors are fine for me anyway, just thought I'd mention it so it can be fixed for future tutorial readers etc.
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  • The default GUI box stuff has been grouped together, but still have their individual foldouts in the overall group foldout (Default GUI Box Settings).
    When using the new UI, the inactive colors are a bit different (only one color to set) - using legacy and the settings are the same as in the tutorial.
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  • Glad this was here, as I just hit this problem ^_^
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