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Is there currently a built in way to have the player select party at the beginning of the game and select a custom name that the player chooses?

The best example of a system like this is literally at the beginning of Final Fantasy 1.
The player choose his party's members and the name then the game starts.
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  • I'm pretty sure that you can do this through the node editor, once you're accustomed to the kit.

    You'd need to call some Gui boxes with choices, I also think that naming combatants is in there somewhere...
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  • This can be done using the event system.

    Selecting player group members can be done using a simple choice dialogue and adding the member based on the selection.
    You can use Text Codes to display information about the different combatants in the choices (see more on this in this how-to). The text editor makes it easy to add the text codes :)

    You can change the names using the event system as well, but there is currently no text input possible, so you'd have to get that from somewhere else, store it in a Game Variable and use the variable to set the name of a combatant.
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  • Thanks for the swift and precise answers! Really loving the new updates btw, can't wait till you release the rest of the WYSIWUG gui editor. It's making life so much easier.
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