Lots of thanks to @Gil for helping me get this working!

so after a few hours today i got a fps controller up an running in Makinom. So im making a simple to follow tut on how to set one up.

First Follow this set up for setting up a player Setting the player.

in this tut we will make 2 machines 1 for movement an one for rotation. so first up is movement just follow screen shot below save it an name it what ever you want .

in your graph go add a move node its found under Movement > movement > move

an set it up like this ..


now make a new machine
an you will add the following nodes

Change cursor state found under : Input > change cursor state : set this to locked
change cursor visible found under : input > change Cursor Visible : set this to hidden
now we need 2 rotate nodes this is found under movement > rotation > rotate

this pic below is for camera rotation

and this one is for body rotation

the local variables are added to the tick machine thats added to the player you will need 2 of them you can see an example of how to do this in this guide

now in this set up my player consist of a character controller with a camera attached to it camera height is up to you to decide. hope this helps some people out good luck!
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    Thanks a ton! :)
    My RPG also uses FP view, so this is important.
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