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    Second the request for mobile specific tutorials. That would be great.

    On mobile you don't need to do a lot differently. But you do need to do some specific things.

    You need a joystick--some people prefer different types--like arrow buttons for movement---how to do those different types--like arrow buttons for movement. : )

    And you need to call the menu via a button--this is covered here in some threads but a tutorial would be nice.

    And you need to attack via a button--this is covered here in some threads but a tutorial would be nice.=.

    And it would be nice if you could pin a potion to the screen so you could restore your hp as many players have asked me for this on mobile because I use real time battles and in real time battles it is a huge PAIN to use menus and I really don't still know how to do it especially in ORK2.

    And most mobile players really HATE having to use menus to attack in real time battles because most of the time the monsters will kill you before your fingers move from the attack button to the name of the monster you want to kill. They are 100% against it. So how to do that smoothly without any problem. I've gotten really good at killing monsters this way and don't mind it but a lot of my players are over 18 and some of them have arthritis.

    And you need to have all your buttons and graphics and text scale nicely across all mobile platforms. Especially for iPad Air. Everything can look very tiny so you need to use big fonts. And make sure your buttons look big.

    And you need ---- probably something I haven't thought to mention here. : )
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  • YinYin
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    I would like to request a 2D tutorial alternative to the 3D one you have up. While I have been figuring things out on my own by going through the tutorial that you have up, a lot of this stuff is a little hard to figure out (Like how do I get my NPCs to not rotate when moving.)

    I'd like to use a variable or something to determine the direction of the sprite while using mecanim animations (Which I have set up and working perfectly) The face player option has my sprites rotating on an axis not meant for 2D. If this is something easy to do or something that I've overlooked, please let me know.

    And I haven't even scraped the battle surface yet. I just want to make sure that the basic functions are working before going into the battle stuff, but I have a feeling that will be a whole 'nother ordeal.

    Another tutorial on how to have bounds for the camera would be nice and maybe simple. Currently, the camera goes off of my map, showing off all of the blackness from the camera's background color. I see that there's a camera border option, but I am totally clueless on how to use it. I'm making a top down 2D RPG like the classics. Being new to Unity, this add on makes it very easy to do and I appreciate that, but the lack of 2D support makes it a little hard to use.

    Maybe have an option to check what mode you have Unity in and switch the colliders accordingly would be nice.
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    Yin; you'll have to create your own camera and character controller solution. Face Player is also not viable unless you've set up your game specifically to literally have a top down camera in 3D space, if you're having a top-down RPG.

    ORK is generally made for 3D environments, but 2D (in general) can be handled in so many different ways that it would be impractical to create a separate tutorial for each possible function; a lot of it just requires a lot of out-of-the-box designer thinking (and a lot of Unity know-how).

    Both 2D and 3D colliders work fine with ORK, iirc.
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  • I've personally been using the Follow Cam setup in the ork framework and I set everything to 0 and distance to 5. It seems to be working out, but it does not follow the boundaries that I've created.

    I understand that things can be handled differently in 2D, but the same can be said for 3D, but he put up a basic tutorial for 3D which works out well as a nice base. That is all I'm asking for, but in 2D.
    I've been figuring out that I have to change my colliders to 2D, but being new to this all, it took me a little before I realize that the sphere collider needed to be changed to a circle collider. It doesn't even have to be a brand new tutorial, but just a side note added to the current tutorial like *when making stuff in 2D remember to change your colliders to their 2D counterparts.

    A cool feature to have would be something to change the value of a parameter in a mecanim (That would help with the rotation issues that come up considering most people probably have a "Facing" or "Direction" parameter when using 2D (Unless their game screen rotates too)

    I personally have still not figured out how to make my NPCs not rotate when moving or when I talk to them lol.
  • @Yin
    You'll most likely need custom player controls and movement scripts for the move AI.
    If you're going top down 2D, you can use the Top Down Border camera controls - this camera style is for good old top down RPGs and you can create a border around the scene where the camera will stop using a trigger collider with a Camera Border component attached.
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  • I've made player controls and they work pretty well. How would I go about connecting a custom movement script and getting it to work with ORK's movement scripts? Is there a way to tie it all together?

    I'll try out the camera settings that you've mentioned in a bit.
  • You can easily set up custom controls in ORK.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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    It would be great to have a tutorial on how to use the Real Time Battle system with Damage Dealers/Zones for a First Person Player to shoot a Fireball. If I can understand that I think I could fill in the rest. I can't seem to do it. Have been trying for two days now.

    First Person Player games are becoming more and more popular. I don't think they ever really lost their popularity because, from feedback I've gotten, many players feel First Person is more immersive---I notice a slew of new ones coming up from emails I get from gaming sites.

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  • With all the 2D updates with Unity, an ORK 2D RPG top down tutorial would be super cool. Specifically touching on 2D animations and the new UI goodies would be fun.
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  • any plans on a tut for rigidbody steps thats the only thing in ork2 i have no idea how to use
  • @canibecooltoo--until there is a tutorial on rigid bodies, read the Unity documentation on rigid bodies. It's very helpful. Tells you when you shouldn't use them (static objects) and when you should and when you should use IsKinematic. If you can't find that, let me know. Maybe you already read it. :)
  • I would love to see a documentation area within the website. Something that describes, in-depth, what the language means and an example of that language in action. Similar to Unity's documentation for scripting and what a Vector3 is.
    An example might be the Menus tab in the Framework window. What setting translate to canvas, panel, and buttons during runtime.
    I would honestly just like to see an in-depth tutorial on ORK and the new UI. With the new UI outside of ORK and native to Unity I am able to do some really amazing things in almost no time at all. Within ORK I feel completely lost because it kinda feels like the New UI setting is form fitting into the legacy UI layout of ORK.
    An example might be how I want to build my main menu.
    I want to use a canvas, Image, Image for my background and logo. This setup in unity allows me to make it so my images scale no matter the aspect ratio. In unity I simply set my anchor point and stretch restrictions and voila, a UI that adjusts no matter the resolution and aspect ratio with all of my assets scaling within the screenspace. I would also like to animate these things so something like the text will glow when I hover over it. I just can't seem to do all of this within ORK.
    I think there is a way but I just don't know how to find it and after a week I have basically resigned myself to the jerry rigged main menu that works but is likely having issues. The tutorials within ORK just aren't sufficient. Walsh Technologies was doing something but even his stuff is using the Legacy UI.
    I would really like to see something like this:
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  • Interested in a tutorial with different examples of changing scenes, such as using an item, a skill, or changing the destination of a single scene changer.
  • After try the quest system tutorials, I don't know how to create a auto process quest.
    I hope the quest system will auto active a lot of quest for play combatant, and force game user bring the combatant to do task one by one.
    User doesn't need more free select, he just can see information what he is doing now from HUD, Until the player get amount item and ability,
    Player can cancel the "Auto do quest". Because now the new player know how to play the game, this also let user go on player the game. some user give up a game at begin because he too free, no challenge, some user don't want read more task text, though these texts tell him what to do next.
    In my mind , one task will include ask task from wizard, go to the target, kill monster, then report the task to the wizard, User can cancel one task but next task will force added to him. Because new user don't know what he will go to do.
    My question is:
    Really I hope can see an auto process quest example in demo project.
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    I , in Events System(menu>Events), is want tutorial for using the PlayerPrefs.

    Because , because I want to take over my game play data the data to the Second Playthrough .
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