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    At the same time a question and a suggestion, not on tutorial content but on its presentation:

    I'm following the Game Tutorial and I noticed it's not always clear in which tab/category you should go to edit the fields. Sometimes you need to read 2 sections above to find out (and as I'm following the tutorial by skimming through and just picking the sections I'm interested in, I tend to miss those). Sometimes it's not indicated at all. So it would be nice to always recall at the beginning of the section in which tab/category you should be (unless there's a chain of, say 10 related items like setting each equipment type and the reader is very likely to have gone through helmets before checking weapons).

    For instance, at the end of http://orkframework.com/tutorial/game-tutorial/15-classes-and-revisiting-the-player/ the section "Inventory & Equipment > Start Equipment" doesn't tell you where you should "Add Start Equipment". Is this a button in the Inventory > Inventory Settings tab? Combatants tab? (since each Combatant may have a different starting equipment) A game object created via the ORK Scene Wizard? Or a game event to add in the Start event flowgraph?

    UPDATE: for this one in particular I found the answer, it was in Combatants > Combatants > Select one combatant > Start Equipment
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    The tutorials always tell you where things are - the beginning of a setup block (biggest header) tells you to which section to navigate to, all things below that are within that current section/tab.

    There isn't any jumping around between tabs during a setup block, each time you need to change sections/tabs it's within a new block (i.e. with a new big header) and tells you to navigate to a different part of the editor.
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  • gamingislove said: There isn't any jumping around between tabs during a setup block
    Ah, I see, when I read "Inventory" I thought it was a new big header going to the Inventory tab, but it was just a small header under the big "Revisiting the player combatant" header, so still under "Combatants".
  • @huulong
    I've also added a little visual update, the 'big' setting blocks now have a blue line below their title in the tutorials :)
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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  • Integrating Invector with ORK
  • Its been a while since something was requested here - and i am not sure if its still correct for ORK 3 requests - but anyway :)

    I would love to see an catching mechanic for the RPG Tutorial series.

    Like a pokemon style catching. Encounter the enemy in the wild - catch it with an catching-chance calculation (maybe based on the HP left on the enemy) - and add it to the player group.

  • It would be helpful to have UI tutorial on upgrading status values.
    Something similar to the abilities research tree tutorial
  • I would like to see a tutorial on creating a game in the style of tower defense based on Ork3.
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    CRPG combat (which is turn based) similar to games like Baldur's Gate, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Wasteland, Solasta, etc.

    Having a CRPG tutorial would fill a significant gap as CRPGs are very popular.
    I'm working on a CRPG and so far, the going is very slow.

    The tutorials also provide a starting point for creating a game so having a CRPG tutorial would make it that much easier.

    Start with the 3D RPG Playground tutorial and change the combat. I would also recommend having a grid and non-grid version.

    Here is some of what many of these games have in common, oversimplified. Obviously, there are variations. I'm just using mouse input to simplify:
    * No battle menu.
    * Shortcut UI (usually at bottom of screen).
    * Action points.
    * When it's the player turn he/she can do the following (lots of details missing because the mechanics depend on the game).
    * move: move to position of the mouse click or lay down waypoints.
    * when the mouse hovers over objects information about them is displayed.
    * some games use selection to get more info.
    * to do something to a combatant, pick the ability/item/etc. then the target.
    * etc...

    YouTube videos will give more accurate examples.

    Thank you,
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  • Hello,

    A tutorial on a standard options menu such as allowing the player to change their keys and adjust the volume (general, vfx, music) would be really cool =)
  • Hi there--

    So I'm following the very basic 2D quickstart tutorial right now. A few years back I tried following one of the other tutorials, I think maybe itw as the full 3D one? (Have the tutorials changed?)

    So, as a total beginner, I'd like to say a few things...

    First of all, thank you for all the hard work you've done putting these tutorials together. They are very extensive.

    However, I would say that sometimes I feel a bit lost following them... There's a lot of "now click this button." And I follow along, clicking that button, but having no idea why I'm clicking it... and certainly if I were to go off and do my own project I would never know to click that one button.

    Like many beginner devs, I've grown a bit addicted to youtube tutorials, and I do find that the video format makes things a bit easier to follow... if there's someone talking you through what they are doing, it's super helpful.

    So maybe a super beginner-friendly video tutorial series, either following step-by-step one of the pre-existing tutorials (but explaining along the way what they're doing) or maybe a new from scratch project, or something like this. There's just not a lot of videos out there about ORK. I think it would really help put my mind at ease when i'm getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of buttons inside the ORK/Makinom window.


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