Hello! I'm new here.
I'm trying ORK, and found two things, that I can't understand:
1. How can I use Loot Table with chests/other objects? For example - player comes to chest, interacts with it, and founds loot, from loot table.
2. Status effects. We used it in tutorial, it's interesting concept, but why they always constant? Why i can't use it from ability and send value? For example - combatant throw fireboll, and it should apply Burning (sounds like status effect - slowly burn and sub HPs), but i don't want constant Burn or life % burn - i want burn damage be defined fireball damage.

Maybe i just can't find how to implement all those things - i'll be glad if you'll help.

  • 1) You can't - loot tables are only for combatants.
    But it's an interesting idea having that for item collectors as well, will look into it :)

    2) Damage over time is done using status effects. If you want the same damage as with your fireball, just use the same formula (or value) you've used for it.
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  • 1. Thank you! Hope you will add it.
    2. Oh, i see :)
  • i second that idea !for loot tables for item collectors and boxes :p
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