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I'm trying to make a 1st person game where you can move and attack.
The problem is that I need to switch off the damage zone on my weapon after the attack without a wait step.

If I put a wait step on the attack event, it causes my character to freeze.
But if I don't put a wait step, it will immediately reach the end of the event and disable the damage zone.
Finally, I don't put a wait step and simply turn on the damage zone without turning it off, I end up with an always-on melee weapon that cuts people as I walk by.


In short, I need to activate the damage zone without halting movement and then deactivate the damage zone after the attack.

As always, any help is much appreciated.
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    The control is blocked during actions if you set it up that way. E.g. for real tim battles, this is done in Battle System > Real Time Battles in the Control Block Settings.

    If you don't block the controls during actions (i.e. control block set to None), you can have whatever wait you want in your battle events.

    If you still need to block controls for some actions, you can individually block it in events using the control block steps (e.g. Block Player Control).
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