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Hi :)
Now i have two issues:
1. Experience distibution issue.
Player have 4 combatants and group size equals to 3. So, 3 combatants in battle, one somewhere else. But when player's group gaining experience from killing monsters, and levelling up - all four combatants levelled up. On all monstres i have set three options:
Whole Group
Only Battle Group
Split Experience

2. Shop issues.
Default shop behaviour is - when i click on item in shop, immediately sell/buy windows shows up. Why? How to set up shop in way, when player on first click/touch can take a look on item description, and after that, if he/she wants - double click/touch item and sell/buy windows will be shown?
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  • 1) first problem needs more information cant help with the information you just gave..

    2:) enable tool tip an set up a tool tip hud so when you hover over an item it will show a tool tip on the item
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  • 1) The settings for battle gains are found in Battle System > Battle End. If Whole Group is enabled, all members of the group will get experience, otherwise only the battle group.

    2) You can enable Select First in the Choice Settings of the GUI box you're using to first mark the choice/button.
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  • Thank you very much! Working perfect!
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