Hi all :)
I need to relocate battle to different part of scene. Not to another scene, but to special place in scene.
For example - when i'm generating level, i'm placing new prefab BattleRoom. And I want when player starting new Turn Based battle player group and opponent group be moved to that BattleRoom.
Thank you in advance!
  • In the tutorials it talks about placing starting points for the combatants.
    It's simply a matter of designating them to the proper coordinates in global space.

    If by "generating level" you mean you are having levels spawn dynamically at runtime,
    then you can just place an empty game object in the middle of the BattleRoom prefab and
    designate your battle positions relative to that.
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    if you just want to battle in a different scene there is a how to on how to do that in the tutorials section of ork
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  • Thank you, Klep!
    I added battle component to BattleRoom prefab with defined positions, and it worked perfectly!
  • When using combatant spawners or random battle areas, you can also just use a game object with a Battle component placed wherever you like and the battle will take place there (when not enabling Set Place).
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