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I have important POC task, but still can't accomplish it...
Task is: Get one of Player's groups (maybe Active group for now), make it's copy with full ability/equipment info, serialize it to string, and then, deserialize it and start battle against this group :)
I'm sure, someone tryed to accomplish this task, nad could help me...
Thank you in advance!
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  • You can create a copy of a group like this (and make the group part of faction with ID/index factionID:

    DataObject data = group.SaveGame();
    Group newGroup = new Group(data);
    newGroup.FactionID = factionID;
    newGroup.LoadMembers(data, false);

    Now, if you have a game object with a Battle component attached, you can use this function of the Battle component to start the battle against that group:

    battleComponent.StartGroup(newGroup, null);

    Instead of null you can also use a class as parameter that implements the IEventStarter interface to get notified once the battle ended.
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