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Hi :)
1. How to display requirements for items? For example, i have a sword that requires level 15 to be equipped, or potion, that can be used when HP level is lower then 50% - how can i tell this information to player? Especially, how can i show that one of requirements not met? Character is level 14, and sword requires level 15+ - How to get red (or other color) line with text like "You need level 15+ to equip this sword"? Of cource, i can simply hide items from inventory, but from other side - it's strange - player got new shiny rare sword and wants to look at it and oops... no sword...
2. How to let player kill not specific monster for quest, but mob type? For example, i have undeads, like melee skeletons, ranged skeletons and mages skeletons. I want to make quest - "Kill 15 skeletons!" and player should be able to kill any of those skeleton types in any combination (0/0/15, 5/5/5, 12/2/1 and so on), how can i achieve this?
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  • 1) Type them in the description of your item/equipment. There's currently no automatic text generation for that, and no special stuff to highlight requirements in the text being valid/invalid.

    2) Since there's currently no mob type in ORK, that's not possible.
    However, you could use variable conditions or monster drops as a requirement instead.
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