• I think the problem is in the game starter with same level !!!
    I will try somthing and give you feedback.

    GIL , your soluation work sometime , but in my case it work only if i choose start with main menu in game starter in other scene and choose new game , i think that problem becuse i do a lot of changes in ORK screen.
    I will be back soon.
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    I found the problem

    the main problem is from plugin : Mad Level Manager - Scene Loader plugin for MadLevelManager

    when it load scene it delete ORK handler

    to solve do :

    - go to loading screen.
    - select : Loading Script object.
    - click to add : Don't destroy object.
    - type : _ORK

    that's all :)


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  • The _ORK game object is already marked as Don't Destroy On Load, i.e. it isn't destroyed when loading a new scene.
    If the Mad Level Manager actively destroys those game objects, this could result in various problems (not only related to ORK).
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